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Jun 14, 2021 Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker is a free tool suitable for creating videos. With the help of its myriad of tools, you can easily edit videos. You can apply effects to enhance the quality of videos and develop custom features via an XML extension. It offers support for Facebook, OneDrive, Flickr, YouTube, and Vimeo and allows. Windows Movie Maker 2012 on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs. This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from audio and video editors without restrictions. Windows Movie Maker 2012 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows. Download windows live movie maker designed for aspiring videographers.

Windows Movie Maker makes it easy to create videos on your PC. Download it here for free.

Windows Movie Maker 11 For Windows 7 Free Download

It often happens that you have been to an event like a birthday, wedding or confirmation and have filmed some recordings where you would like to do something, or you might want to make special clips and movies for these events.

With Windows Movie Maker by the manufacturer Microsoft, you will have an excellent tool at hand to accomplish these tasks. With its many and varied features, you can make the movies and clips you need for your events and projects.

Finish your recordings with Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker comes with many tools that make it easy for you to edit and refine the recordings you have made for various events and occasions. You can cut uninteresting sections, move around different clips where they fit best, or add pictures and other recordings to merge. For example, how to make a beautiful film roll for your wedding, you can then broadcast around the web, or burn on a DVD.

It is also possible to add underlay music with Windows Movie Maker. It only requires you to have the music files you would like to use on your computer, and then place them where they fit best with the clips. There are also some built-in pieces of music that you can use if you don't have some files lying around yourself.

Add beautiful effects and animations to spice up your footage

Not only can you edit in your raw footage, you also have the opportunity to add beautiful effects and animations so your footage gets a little extra flair. Among other things, it can be in transition effects that make your clips and pictures flow naturally or in a special way.

You can also put filters over parts of your footage to give them a different feel. It can be to make the colors more dull or clear, depending on the mood you would like your recordings to reason. You can also highlight the sound, the music or your own voice-over, where you feel it fits best, so the focus always lies where you think it should be.

Get your cinematic projects in Windows Movie Maker with great results

Windows Movie Maker is the typical program for you who sometimes find you in a situation where you need to process cinematic material. Whether it is for events such as weddings, birthdays or for a presentation on your education or work. It is not all of us who have a strong and extensive experience at this point, so how do you wear them?

Windows Movie Maker delivers you all the tools you would need to realize these projects. It does not require the great experience, just that you have a little imagination and a sense of direction where you want your projects going. Therefore, Windows Movie Maker can deliver you in a fine product in a very short time. If you do not have the big idea of how such editing programs work, it may be difficult to embark on programs such as Sony Vegas, which are first and foremost advanced, then also expensive. Windows Movie Maker is free and easy to use.

Easy and comfortable software that will serve you well at everyday level, but also for the advanced projects

The uniqueness of Windows Movie Maker is its wide appeal to users of different levels. It is a really easy piece of software to get started with, and therefore delivers results to you in a hurry, without having to spend hours putting yourself into its functions. But that does not mean that the application's utility becomes paralyzed with you who may have a little more experience when it comes to editing. The various features offer you many opportunities to specialize your effects, transitions, sound effects and the like, so there is always something to play with.

The classic design from Microsoft you can always count on

We've all been out to some extent to use a program from Microsoft. This will typically have been from the Office suite, which is standard equipment for PCs in the vast majority of workstations and training centers. That's why Microsoft's design is well-known to many of us, and we can navigate relatively effortlessly through their products.

The same can be said for Windows Movie Maker. The toolbar is located at the top of the program, with various sections that illustrate the content of functions: 'Animations', 'Visual Effects' etc. Therefore, it is always easy for you as a user to figure out where you will be able to find the functions you stand and need to use. Otherwise, there is of course a built-in manual that you can quickly look through to find out about specific features, what they do and where to find them.

Additional software

Windows Movie Maker is the tool for those who need to edit and put together movie clips and recordings. For example, if you want to make a video for your friend's birthday, you may be in a situation where you are missing some recordings. If your friend has Facebook, they will typically also have video recordings of them there. It is possible to download these recordings in many different formats with Facebook Video Downloader by the manufacturer With Facebook Video Downloader it is thus possible for you to gather some fun movie clips of your friends together to make a nice compilation that you can show for their birthday or other events. Then you can edit it with Windows Movie Maker. Facebook Video Downloader can be downloaded for free here.


Windows Movie Maker is the absolutely essential program for those who occasionally have to deal with some movie footage for various events. With an extensive and simple toolbox for editing your recordings, you can achieve great results in no time. It is undoubtedly worth a try as you are guaranteed a product that meets your standards.

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