Windows Media Player 11 Installation Without Validation


Microsoft has released Windows Media Player 11 (WMP 11) beta which is available for direct full download from Windows Media Player Download page (no validation required), or Microsoft Download Center (WGA validation required – for ways to bypass WGA validation, visit here ). However, even if you managed to download Windows Media Player 11, there is a built-in WGA that check whether your Windows is genuine or not when trying to install as WMP. Link to the pack: pack contains the Windows Media Player 11 and the hack.

To do that, select the Start button, then select Settings Apps Apps & features Manage optional features Add a feature Windows Media Player, and select Install. Enable Windows Media Player DVD playback isn't included. Table of Contents Install the software Download and install Windows Media player 11 2 Install the software Download and install Windows Media player 11. Begin the download. You must be connected to the Internet. If this screen does not appear, you already have Windows Media player 11.

We all know when installing windows media player 11 you need to validate your copy of windows xp. Or at least you will know when trying to :P. And if you for some reason fails that validating, you can’t install it. Now here is how to bypass that 🙂

1. Download WMP11 from FileHippo:

2. Extract the .exe file somewhere:

Left click on the wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe, and select Extract here, or someplace you want. Using WinRar or some other program.

3. Run wmp11.exe:

This is actually the install of the wmp11 without validation 😛

Running this file will bring the installation window for wmp11 right up. And now it’s just to follow the steps from there.

4. Reboot and finished!

Yes, at the end of the installation in step 3 it tells you to reboot. So just do that, and when it’s back up again you got a fully working windows media player without having to hassle with the validation.

EDIT: Might also add this, on some systems you need to run the other exe files in the setup package.

Windows Media Player 11 Installation Without Validation Tool

Bypassing WGA

The new online streaming asian dramas site I recently bumped required a Window Media Player 10 or 11 to watch the dramas. I tinkered with my computers and then discovered that both my desktop and my laptop have only Windows Media Player 9.

I did not see it as a problem. I went to the Microsoft site for free download of the most recent version. I downloaded it just fine, but when I proceeded to use it, a Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) anti-piracy validation window pops up before I could install the downloaded program. When I ran the test, my desktop failed its validation and says that I might be a victim of a counterfeit software.

I tried installing the latest version of WMP with the laptop and I did not have any problem whatsoever – it passed the WGA validation. I got the laptop less than a year ago and I know the software installed there was genuine. The desktop? I have it for almost four years now and although I update it from time to time, I’m not so sure the operating system was genuine [it wasn’t important that time I bought it, hehehe].

Anyway, I cannot rely on my laptop for my daily dose of dramas because of its LCD problem (thanks, HP) so I had to install that latest version of WMP to my desktop.

Windows Media Player 11 Installation Without Validation Download

Thus, I searched the internet and when I googled “install windows media player 11 without validation” a lot of articles flashed on how to bypass the validation and install the program without the automatic WGA.

I tried a lot of the tips but some were already ancient – as late as 2006 and that was probably why the crack to the validation did not work anymore. I sampled some more until I chanced upon The instructions laid there were simple to follow and it finally worked. I was able to access WMP11 without any validation check.

Windows media player 11 installation without validation tool

Those who are having the same problem with me, you can install windows media player 11 without validation here.