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Rufus 3.14 Beta on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs. This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from disk management without restrictions. Rufus 3.14 Beta is available to all software users as a free download for Windows. As an open source project, you are free to view the source.

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  • Install DOS and Windows 3.11 using the most generic drivers you can (NE2000 for nic, VGA for video, etc). Then after all that is done, zip it all up into an archive. Next, you create a DOS boot disk floppy image, which boots, loads the universal cd rom drivers, creates a ramdrive as C:, then you decompress all files to the ramdrive.

The Windows NT is the first in a line with the NT based operating systems which means that the Windows NT 3.1 version is the operating system that gave Windows the brand recognition it needed to get launched into the market. There were a lot of specifications that made the operating system a unique one in the market. For starters, the operating system packed a server-based framework that was more technically advanced compared to the counterparts.

The operating system was based on the DOS-based operating systems that made them even more adaptable when connected to a network. The biggest highlight with the Windows NT or New Technology version 3.1 was that it was available for both Workstations as well as server-based operating systems that greatly benefitted Microsoft in terms of market shares as well as giving a boost to their products launched under the windows brand. There are also various parameters such as the 16-bit architecture that made the operating system more constrictive.

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Windows NT 3.1 was loaded with features that made the operating system a class apart in terms of performance and efficiency. Things could be processed and stored much faster in the 3.1 edition of the Windows and also there were additional features that made the system much more adaptable to network connectivity.

There are also features like the whole programming core that was solely done in C programming that made the system much more adaptable to any environment. The virtual memory management tool in the storage of the data also helped to make the operating system much more adaptable in terms of storage as well.

Well, these are just some that were available with the system, but let’s discuss the various features that were housed within the two editions of the Windows NT 3.1, the workstation and the server edition as well.

1. Indulgence of C/C++ programming into the software framework

Windows 3.11 Pl Iso Download

The programming world was at the prime of development and Microsoft pulled off big-time with the release of the Windows NT 3.1 workstation version with C programming and the server-based operating system with the C++ programming language to give an upper edge in connectivity. There was also another advantage with this kind of software framework that the system made sure that they could be easily rooted and gave the winning edge to test with various software with the Windows NT 3.1 version that greatly increased the number of users using the operating system.

Microsoft Windows 3.11 (IBM OEM) (3.5-1.

These features greatly improved the scope for the operating system to develop with lots of features in the upcoming generations of operating systems from windows.

2. Virtual Memory Management tool

The virtual memory management tool mimicked the performance of an anti-virus software back in those days. The VMM would deeply scrutinize all the software that runs on the Windows NT 3.1 and make sure that it takes off any potential malware that may damage the system and also greatly improved the security of files and folders that can be accessed through a log-in credential.

This factor greatly improved the system’s performance and also was one of the factors that made the server edition to emerge successfully. The added security features were by far the best during the release of Windows NT 3.1.

3. The Virtual DOS Machine (VDM)

The virtual DOS machine is one of the features that made the operating system efficient in terms of processing as this eased the workload on the main operating system. There was a common misconception that the VDM was considered as a virtual machine released along with the Windows NT 3.1 operating system but in reality, it was a 32-bit operating system that was designed to run DOS-based applications with windows running other non-DOS based software along with it. there were a lot of speculations that it would slow down the system as a whole but with the release of the operating system, windows shunted the speculation to dust.

4. NT loader

The NT loader of the windows NT 3.1 was a designated booting software that enabled multi-booting options that gave the system an added advantage of shifting between Windows NT and also MS-DOS. This booting software also greatly influenced the speed of the operating system in a beneficial way and save the time wasted in booting the system. The NTLDR also packed a powerful software framework that wasn’t used in RISC computers as they had a booting manager of their own.

System Requirements

the system requirements for the workstation and the server-based operating edition was almost the same in terms of performance.

  • RAM requirements
    Workstation: 12MB of RAM
    Server: 16MB of RAM

Windows 3.1 ISO Windows 3.1 ISO Download - World Top Updates

  • Hard Disk space
    Workstation: 75 MB of HDD
    Server: 90MB of HDD
  • MS-DOS 3.1
  • VGA supported the graphics cards.

Download Windows NT 3.1 for workstation and server ISO file

The download files of both the workstation and the server-based operating system are available in individual download paths below. Make sure that the initial requirements of the system are met before the download of the system. It is best to be connected to a reliable network for download.


Last version 7.2 24.04.2021

CD/DVD Boot ISO image
HDAT2CD_LITE_72.ISONEW v7.2 24.04.2021 1.54 MBISO DOS boot CD Lite image (ISO format) only with HDAT2 program.
The program HDAT2 is same like in full CD version.
This CD Lite ISO use for boot from USB.

Lite ISO 7.2 MD5=b1cf10d39b78c5910cadc930316d791a
Lite ISO 7.1 MD5=a6ab66c14c70cba46eff83a6b39849c4

HDAT2CD_LITE_71.ISO v7.1 29.12.2020 1.54 MBISO
HDAT2CD_72.ISONEW v7.2 24.04.2021 9.36 MBISO DOS boot CD image (ISO format) with all programs, drivers and manuals.

ISO 7.2 MD5=100b964d6047bcc4f2e1e3ca0978d31e
ISO 7.1 MD5=c984820e9fa244bc092a310714acf2ca

HDAT2CD_71.ISO v7.1 29.12.2020 9.31 MBISO
Boot Diskette IMG file
HDAT2IMG_72.EXENEW v7.2 24.04.2021 1.23 MBSFX DOS boot diskette 3.5' 1.44MB image (raw IMG format) with HDAT2 program and drivers. Read INSTALL how to install (diskette can be create in Windows 32/64-bits).

IMG 7.2 MD5=4c1ba21ed90066506b8d3458d2ff726b
IMG 7.1 MD5=50f6a569ab9742a25f949659f64938f3

HDAT2IMG_71.EXE v7.1 29.12.2020 1.23 MBSFX
HDAT2IMG_72.IMGNEW v7.2 24.04.2021 1.47 MBIMG
HDAT2IMG_71.IMG v7.1 29.12.2020 1.47 MBIMG
Boot Diskette Creator
HDAT2FDD_72.EXENEW v7.2 24.04.2021 1.48 MBEXE DOS boot diskette 3.5' 1.44MB creator (raw IMG format) with HDAT2 program. Only for Windows 32-bits.
Install: insert a diskette, type 'hdat2fdd_XY A:' (XY=version) and press Enter.
HDAT2FDD_71.EXE v7.1 29.12.2020 1.48 MBEXE

Single programs

HDAT2.EXE program
HDAT2_72.EXENEW v7.2 24.04.2021 2.13 MBEXE Single program HDAT2.EXE
(e.g. for DOS bootable USB thumb/flash drive).
Do not forget to rename the file to HDAT2.EXE.
HDAT2_71.EXE v7.1 29.12.2020 2.09 MBEXE
HDAT2 DOS/Win32 DEMO version
HDAT2DEM_72.EXENEW v7.2 24.04.2021 587 KBSFX Single program HDAT2DEM.EXE with test file HDAT2DEM.BIX.
(for DOS or Windows 32 only)
HDAT2DEM_71.EXE v7.1 29.12.2020 580 KBSFX
HDAT2 Win32/64 DEMO version
HDAT2WDEM_72.EXENEW v7.2 24.04.2021 976 KBSFX
Single program HDAT2WDEM.EXE with test file HDAT2DEM.BIX.
(for Windows 32/64 only)
SHOW_SCR program
SHOW_SCRW.EXENEW v2.7 05.01.2021 23.5 KBEXE
Program to show saved HDAT2 error screens from file 'HDAT2SCR.ERR'.
(for Windows 32/64 only)
SHOW_SCR.EXE v2.6 31.05.2018 4.5 KBEXE Program to show saved HDAT2 error screens from file 'HDAT2SCR.ERR'.
(for DOS or Windows 32 only)


HDAT2EN_481_v10.PDF v1.0 16.07.2010 709 KBPDFHDAT2 v4.8.1 v1.0 english
HDAT2CZ_v10.PDF v1.0 06.08.2009 464 KBPDFczech
COOKBOOK_v11.PDF v1.1 08.09.2010 1.19 MBPDF The HDAT2 Cookbook v1.0 english
The cookbook in pictures (How can I do...) and FAQ.
HDPMI32.EXE v3.17 16.11.2009 35 KBEXEsee FAQ 23
disk_probe.pdf v1.0 30.07.2009 111 KBPDF How to non-destructively convert dynamic disks to basic disks.
hdd_en.PDF v1.0 06.08.2009 468 KBPDFenglish
hdd_cz.PDF v1.0 06.08.2009 433 KBPDFczech


SFX = Windows self-extracting archive (RAR).

Windows 3.11 Bootable CD Image - BetaArchive

To extract this archive in DOS type

RAR X [filename] [directory]

where [filename] is the name of archive file, and [directory] is where the extracted files will go.

Windows 3.1 ISO Download: Windows 3.1 Free Download

ISO = using burning program you can burn that ISO image to an optical disc such as CD or DVD.