Windows 3.11 Install Disks


32 Bit Disk Access in Windows 3.1x. Windows 3.1x (3.1, 3.11, Windows for Workgroups 3.11) can use a special driver to enable it to access hard drives in '32-bit mode'. This is selected with a checkbox on the Virtual Memory screen through the 386Enhanced icon in the Control Panel. It can also be turned on and off by editing a line in SYSTEM.INI. New (older stock) but opened for inspection Microsoft Windows 3.11 for Workgroups 3.5' disks only. Eight total disks. These disks came in the original factory envelope but we didn't know which version was inside the envelope so we had to open the envelope to verify the version. However, the disks have never been used. Category: OS: Year: 1991: Description: For those not wanting to torrent, here are the 7 installation disks for Windows 3.1 in.IMA format. Simply unzip the images and use them either for virtualisation, or you can burn the images to floppy if you want to be really nostalgic.

3.11Windows 3.1 floppy disk image

Windows 3.11 Install Disks Download

  • Interesting, but that would remove a lot of stuff you might actually need.
  • I've played with putting Windows 3.x on a floppy before. I usually start from MINI.CAB on a 9x installer, and then add what I want from there. If you use PKUNZIP (or the smaller JR variant) and a RAM disk, you can fit quite a bit on there. I'd try again to see if I could fit say, Trumpet Winsock and a packet driver onto it.
  • It would be a great idea if you are interested on this to put it as a download under the windows 3.11 tab. As you are the admin
  • We don't need hackjobs here. This is a hackjob and provides no benefit to the community.
  • We don't need hackjobs here. This is a hackjob and provides no benefit to the community.
    Well, not entirely true...
    This is from the 'about' section by the way:
    In addition to aiding young geeks like us, we also aim to help people in less fortunate circumstances, who may not have the resources or means to acquire modern hardware and software.
    Less fortunate circumstances might include not having a hard drive or CD-ROM drive.
    Just saying.
    [Sorry if this violates any rules that I am unaware of.]
    Yes, the file in the Win9x CDs was awesome, and I would get a small NTFS driver for MS-DOS/Windows 3.x and put it on the floppy disk, which would result in the best recovery thing-y ever.
    Edit: No, it shouldn't be added to the Windows 3.x section, but uploaded somewhere else on this site.
  • If we collected custom boot disks we could easily have a collection of 100,000 and the important ones would get lost.
    Any custom items here need to provide a justified benefit to the community. This is why we have the CDU MS-DOS '7.1' CD, because some people genuinely need to install a DOS environment without a floppy and without pulling updates and components from 100 different sources.
    This Windows 3.11 boot disk would have made an interesting novelty back around 2005. But 'modern' machines don't have floppy drives, increasingly won't boot USB floppies or DOS, lack PS/2 mice or keyboard emulation, and so on. VM/Emulators are not limited to floppy images. And people restoring an earlier computer would have more pressing concerns such as bootable diagnostics or installation media.
    Please feel free to make a case for this or other custom disks. I could easily be overlooking some use that is important to others. But at the same time, we can't just add things willy-nilly.
  • So, if I'm using this floppy image in DOSBox, does it require that I have a CD image mounted using DOSBox's imgmount command or a CD in my physical drive when I mount it using DOSBox's mount command? Because when I run 'boot -l a' after mounting this floppy image, I get:
    Error: No CD-ROM drives detected at all.
    Error: Device driver aborts loading.
    and then the process just refuses to do anything else.