Windows 1.11 Stranger Things Download Torrent

Many of us might not have been here when Microsoft released the first version of Windows. That is because this version of Windows was released in 1985 and it was named as Windows 1.0. Currently, we are at Windows 10 but that does not mean we had 8 other versions of Windows. Rather, the name of Windows versions kept on changing and we have had many versions in between. Still, Microsoft went down the nostalgia train and reminded people about the first ever version of Windows released in 1985.

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On this, people started wondering why exactly is Microsoft doing it. Some users also started questioning if a new-yet-old version of Windows is releasing. On this, Microsoft twitter handlers kept saying that something is coming. Now is the time that Microsoft has finally revealed why it was teasing Windows 1.0 to its fans.

And the reason is one of the most unexpected ones that you might have imagined. This was a way to promote Stranger Things by Microsoft which is also based out of 1985. Therefore, Microsoft kept reminding people that Windows 1.0 was also released in the same year. Last weekend, Microsoft even released an app which is named as Windows 1.11 which can be installed on Windows 10.

Of course there's nothing strange about Windows 1.0. Don't worry. Everything will be ..-. .. -. . / — -. / .— ..- .-.. -.– / —.. – ….

— Windows (@Windows) July 7, 2019

This app includes most of the Stranger Things themed items and gives you a nostalgic feel of using the first-ever version of Windows also named as “Windows 1.1 Stranger Things” Edition. However, there are two things that you might want to note before downloading the app.

First is that the app is fairly big in terms of size at 775 MBs which means that it might use up data if you are on a limited data connection. Another important thing is that the app is only available in the US for some reason. Microsoft thinks that people don’t watch Stranger Things (our words, not Microsoft’s) so the app is geo-restricted to US location only.

Summary :

Designed on the basis of the classic Windows 1.0, the Windows 1.11 made its debut recently on Microsoft’s official Twitter account. Now, Windows 1.11 is available on the Microsoft Store, so you can download it easily. It’s a new Windows app which has relation to the Netflix show Stranger Things.

Windows 1.11: the New App Is Out

Windows 1.11 Stranger Things Download Torrent Game

Windows 1.11 Stranger Things Download Torrent

If you’re careful enough, you’ll find the prevue for Windows 1.0 was posted on the official Twitter account of Microsoft lately. And the prevue shows that the new app Windows 1.11 is used to help you experience 1985 nostalgia.

The Windows 1.11 app is currently available on Microsoft Store. Once you get it, you can bring the strange summer of 1985 from Netflix's Stranger Things 3 (which is a popular horror TV series showed on Netflix) to your computer. Microsoft and Netflix works together to provide you with the custom 1985-inspired experiences in life. Till now, hundreds of thousands of fans across the country and through the world have showed great interest in the new app.

Windows 1.11 App Description

The new Stranger Things Edition helps to explore the mysteries and secrets that bothered Hawkins. Besides, it is able to play retro games & puzzles and unlock unique show content & Easter eggs; all has close relationship with Stranger Things 3. It’s really a special edition app of its OS released in 1985. You may join Eleven, Steve, Dustin and gang; they are planning to find ways to save Hawkins and the world.

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Just go to grab your hairspray and embrace the 80s for the companion experience, which is the most unforgettable experience ever.

Windows 1.11: More as a Game

The new Windows 1.11 app is actually a game app that is released by Microsoft to companion the latest Stranger Things season. It is 276.6 MB in size. A command line interface has been added to it to boot on users’ system. Though a lot of glitches can be found in the Upside Down world, they can’t stop the game from becoming active especially among the Stranger Things fan. But I have to say that, it is not a good choice if you are the one who want to get full-fledged Windows 1.0 experience.

The Windows 1.11 Stranger Things Edition is a fantastic game; Microsoft even allows you to build your own mini-movies by using the theme music, 3D models, as well as special effects. The more exciting thing is you can drag yourself into Stranger Things through the Mixed Reality headsets from Microsoft Store.

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Camp Know Where

Windows 1.11 Stranger Things Download Torrent Free

In the latest Stranger Things season, you can hardly see a Windows PC; no one is using it at any time. There is only a PC on the 1985 “Camp Know Where” cap that Dustin wears.

What is Camp Know Where?

In fact, it is part of the bigger tie-in for Microsoft.

Where can you get it?

It is indeed available in the retail stores of Microsoft and you can get it easily.

This summer, you can participate in challenges at Microsoft stores as a student. The focus will be put on coding and games.

Windows 1.11 Stranger Things Download Torrent Download

What’s exciting for Xbox fans?

There is the Stranger Things 3 Collectible Arcade Cabinet available for them. The original corporate logo from 1985 has been used by Microsoft in order to increase the nostalgia. Even a press release which includes an upside down 1985 version at the bottom is published for the sake of getting into Stranger Things atmosphere better.

Windows 1.11 Stranger Things Download Torrent Season 1

You can visit the Microsoft’s Stranger Things site to know more details you need.