Vmware Workstation 11 Free Download For Windows 10

This release of VMware Workstation Player is a free upgrade for all VMware Workstation 15 Player users. Support has been added for the following operating systems as both host and guest. Facing its many important performance improvements, I believe many users want to try the VMware Workstation 11, and may be looking for some working license keys to register for completing the installation. Below AppNee provided 10 permanently valid license keys of VMware Workstation 11 for Windows and Linux, both 32-bit & 64-bit.

VMware Workstation 10 for Windows is a tool to create, configure, administer and use virtual machines in Windows and Linux operating systems. It virtualizes Windows operating systems and has several virtual machines in a single physical machine, it saves and maximize the use of your physical servers or PCs.

Using a simple wizard you can create in a short time, a virtual machine with VMware Workstation 10 to install, for example, Windows Server 2008 or Red Hat Linux, mount your development, testing or production environment without the need for multiple servers.

VMware Workstation 10free download for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows systems, try and see how the world of virtualization with VMware Workstation 10 is simple.

New in VMware Workstation 10

The latest operating systems - Easy Install now recognize Windows 8.1 and the new Linux distributions to facilitate the creation of the latest virtual machines. Windows 8.1 physical machines can be transformed into virtual machines using the wizard.

Performance Art - VMware Workstation 10 allows you to create virtual machines with up to 16 virtual CPUs , 64 GB memory, 8 TB of disks; faster USB connections. It also includes a new SATA controller and supports dual virtual networks.

Virtual machines shutdown - The virtual machines can be programmed restricted to expire at a specific date and time. Lapsed virtual machine automatically stops and will not restart without administrator intervention.

Tablet sensors - VMware Workstation 10 includes virtual accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and ambient light cell for applications running in a virtual machine can respond when a user manipulates its tablet.

Create a cloud in your PC - VMware Workstation 10 creates a cloud in your PC using applications such as Pivotal Labs Puppet Labs and Vagrant .

VMware Workstation 10 Free Download

VMware Workstation 10

VMware Workstation is a hypervisor that runs on x86 or x86-64 computers; it enables users to set up one or more virtual machines (VMs) on a single physical machine, and use them simultaneously along with the actual machine. Each virtual machine can execute its own operating system, including versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux,BSD, and MS-DOS. VMware Workstation is developed and sold by VMware, Inc., a division of EMC Corporation.

VMware Workstation supports bridging existing host network adapters and share physical disk drives and USB devices with a virtual machine. In addition, it can simulate disk drives. It can mount an existing ISO image file into a virtual optical disc drive so that the virtual machine sees it as a real one. Likewise, virtual hard disk drives are made via .vmdk files.

VMware Workstation can save the state of a virtual machine (a 'snapshot') at any instant. These snapshots can later be restored, effectively returning the virtual machine to the saved state.

VMware Workstation includes the ability to designate multiple virtual machines as a team which can then be powered on, powered off, suspended or resumed as a single object, making it particularly useful for testing client-server environments.

The VMware Player, a virtualization package of basically similar, but reduced, functionality, is also available, and is free of charge for non-commercial use, or for distribution or other use by written agreement.

What is new :

  • New operating system support
    • Windows 10
    • Ubuntu 14.10
    • RHEL 7
    • CentOS 7
    • Fedora 20
    • Debian 7.6
  • VMware Hardware Version 11
    • 2GB Video memory per VM
  • Connection to VMware vCloud Air

Known issues

Known limitations of VMware Workstation, as of October, 2009, included the following:

Hardware support

Screenshot showing the Hardware Compatibility Wizard VMware Workstation 10.0.1
  • Workstation 8 is the first version that requires an x64-compatible CPU.
  • VMware virtual machines do not directly support FireWire.
  • VMware Workstation version 5.5 provided only experimental support for 3D hardware acceleration, via Microsoft's Direct3D 8 API. A video has appeared on YouTubethat demonstrates several 3D-accelerated games running under VMware Fusion and Mac OS X. The release notes for Fusion beta 2 include a list of 3D-accelerated computer games that can run within Windows XP-based virtual machines. In version 6.5, Direct3D 9.0 API support (only up to Shader Model 2.0) is provided on Windows 2000 and Windows XP guests (although not Windows 9x) and on any host OS. Version 7 has support for Shader Model 3.0 and OpenGL 2.1 graphics. It can run Crysisat 14-18 frame/s at low settings. Windows Display Driver Model support (version 1.0) was introduced in version 7.0, allowing Windows Aero to run in virtualized Windows Vista and later Windows guests, but OpenGL is regressed to 1.4.
  • 64-bit guest operating systems require a 64-bit processor and a BIOS compatible with x86 virtualization. Intel processors require Intel VT hardware virtualization technology as Intel 64-bit processors without hardware virtualization technology do not have segmentation support in long mode. Only AMD64 processors of revision D or later, and Intel EM64T VT-capable CPUs, can run 64-bit guests.
  • VMware workstation virtual machines did not have SATA support until the VMware Workstation 10 release.
  • VMWare Workstation 11.0.0 is the first version that requires a 64-bit processor and 64-bit host operating system (OS), which means that a PC with 32-bit processor or 32-bit host OS canot run VMWare Workstation 11.0.0.

Network protocols

VMware Workstation may swallow CPU interrupts, making maintenance of accurate time difficult.

Vmware Workstation 12 Download Free

VMware Tools

VMware Tools is a package with drivers and other software that can be installed in guest operating systems to increase their performance. It has several components, including the following:

  • Drivers for the emulated hardware:
    • VESA-compliant graphics for the guest machine to access high screen resolutions
    • Network drivers for the vmxnet2 and vmxnet3 NIC
    • Ensoniq AudioPCI audio
    • Mouse integration
  • Drag-and-drop file support
  • Clipboard sharing between host and guest
  • Time synchronization capabilities (guest syncs with host machine's clock)
  • Support for Unity, a feature that allows seamless integration of applications with the host desktop

Third-party resources

Ready-to-use virtual machines

Many ready-made virtual machines (VMs) which run on VMWare Player, Workstation, and other virtualization software are available for specific purposes, either for purchase or free of charge; for example freeLinux-based 'browser appliances' with the Firefox or other browser installed which can be used for safe Web browsing; if infected or damaged it can be discarded and replaced by a clean copy. The appliance can be configured to automatically reset itself after each use so personal information is not stored. VMs distributed legally only have freely distributable operating systems, as operating systems on VMs must be licensed; ready-to-use Microsoft Windows VMs, in particular, are not distributed, except for evaluation versions.

Other tools

Vmware workstation 12.5 download
  • PowerWF - Provides a visual representation of VMware VIX scripts, converting them into workflows, or converting workflows into Powershell cmdlets and modules. VIX is VMware's addition to Microsoft's Powershell for automation of the VMware Player.

Vmware Workstation 10 Free Download

Vmware Workstation 11 Free Download For Windows 10 32-bit