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Step 2 – Turn ON the “Unknown Sources” from your android device setting, Through this, you’re allowing the Netflix Mod APK to install on your device. Step 3 – Now navigate the download Netflix Mod APK on your device file manager.Most probably, you will find the APK in your downloads section. Step 4 – Click on the APK file and wait till it installs successfully on your device.

If truth to be told, Netflix is one of the most popular sources of entertainment for all age groups. However, Netflix doesn’t come for free. There are subscription plans for users to select if they want to enjoy Netflix. So, what if you are a Netflix fan, but you cannot afford to go for a paid subscription? We have some good news for you. That means, this article presents a free Netflix account hack so you can watch movies and other content.

If you’d rather not think about how your life is locked in a dystopian web of your own data, don't watch the new Netflix documentary.The Great Hack. But if you want to see, really see the way. 1- After Downloading Netflix Premium Mod Apk from the above link. 2- Open Settings of your Phone, Go to Security and Enable Unknown Sources. 3- Click on Netflix Premium Apk File & Install it on your phone. (Click on Allow from this source if asked) 5- Enjoy Your Weekend with your Favorite TV Shows, Web Series & Movies. Netflix has a hidden menu to help you banish buffering. Press Shift + Alt + Left Click (or Shift + Option + Click on a Mac) while streaming a show to bring up a diagnostic screen.

By the way, you will learn more about how to clear items from continue watching on Netflix and how to convert Netflix to MP4 / MP3, as well as how to Save Movies from Netflix with ease.

What you can enjoy with a Netflix Premium Account

If you go for the premium plan of Netflix, you can watch endless amounts of movies on any device. This tool works fine on computers as well as on tablets and smartphones. If you want to watch Netflix on TV, that is also possible these days. That is because modern-day TV sets come with a built-in Netflix app. Moreover, you can convert an older TV set into a Netflix set using a miniature media player unit. For instance, you can use a Roku, Apple TV, or Google Chromecast for this purpose.

As of this writing, Netflix comes with three different subscription plans. Namely, these plans are Basic, Standard, and Premium. The basic plan costs $9 and $13 for the Standard package. If you intend to go for a Premium subscription, it will cost $16. With a premium subscription plan, you are eligible for various other facilities. For instance, it offers HD, Ultra HD (4K), and 4K HDR. They also offer HDR10, Dolby Atmos as well as Dolby Vision.

However, to watch 4K content, you will have to use an internet connection with large bandwidth. That means, your connection must be at least 25 Mbps or faster in order to watch 4K content. The other reason for you to choose the Premium plan is that it lets you watch videos on multiple devices. That means you can watch movies on four devices simultaneously under one Premium subscription.

Besides, if you have a problem with Netflix Not Loading, click to fix it now. And read more about the full Tidal vs. Spotify.

Sharing Netflix account; is it legal?

As per the US Court of Appeals, sharing a password has become a federal crime. This crime falls under the Act of Computer Fraud and Abuse. Nevertheless, sharing a password and sharing a Netflix password are pretty different things. Besides, Netflix CEO himself has emphasized that sharing Netflix is acceptable as long as people love it. He says that sharing Netflix is a sign of people’s love for it.

So, unlike most of the other streaming platforms, Netflix has a different, flexible approach towards password sharing. They don’t try to prosecute the users. Instead, they put restrictions on their streams. As a result, Netflix’s Basic plan allows a single streaming process. When it comes to the Standard account, it allows two streams at a time. Premium subscription, on the other hand, allows four simultaneous streams. If you are a Netflix Premium account holder, you can share the four streams without making money on them. For instance, you can share the streaming lines with family members or even friends for free. As of this writing, Netflix lets you create as many as five profiles under a single account. As long as these conditions and rules remain the same, sharing the Netflix account is not illegal.

Also, let’s know more about Netflix mod apk here.

Okay, how to hack Netflix account?

Well, the subscription plans we have mentioned above cost you some money. However, your purpose for reading this article is to learn a free Netflix account hack. So, without keeping you guessing anymore, we will mention how to hack Netflix account in this section.

Basically, there are three main ways to perform this free Netflix account hack.

  • Through one-month free subscription plan
  • Through accounts
  • Use Netflix Torrents

Now, let’s take a look at these methods in a more descriptive manner for your convenience. You can simply go through these options and choose the most appealing method for you.

01. Through One Month Free Subscription Plan

Most of the individuals are aware that Netflix offers a free subscription plan for one month. That means, Netflix lets you use their services completely free for a period of one month. As long as you have a credit card, this trick is within your reach.

Mentioned below are the steps you should follow to perform this trick.

1) First of all, you should go to the Netflix home page using any browser of your preference. Then, on the homepage itself, you will see a large button labeled ‘Join Free for a Month.’ Once you have clicked on this page, you will see that you are directed to select a plan.

2) In this case, we recommend you to go for the Premium subscription plan. It doesn’t do any harm because you will cancel it anyway after a month. So, it is always better to go for a plan that has maximum features. Also, the minimum plan will be selected for you as you visit the subscriptions section.

3) Now, you will be able to click on ‘Continue’ to proceed. Then, on the next page, you will see a sign-up form that should be duly filled. Make sure that you fill the required fields accordingly so you can move to the next step.
4) Once you press ‘Continue,’ you will see that it asks for credit card information. Make sure that you fill the form accordingly. Your credit card will not be charged anything until the first month is completed.
5) That’s how to do it. Now, you will be able to watch all the favorite movies on Netflix without any issue for one month.

Important: Be sure that you cancel the respective account before you reach the one-month time period. If not, your credit card will be charged the respective account (Premium Plan).

02. Free Netflix Account Hack Through Accounts

This method is pretty famous among those who wonder how to hack Netflix account. If you do some research, you will see that many of the blog owners simply offer free accounts. However, the truth is that none of these accounts will actually work for you. That is because these bloggers tend to copy-paste the accounts on a random basis. Many individuals try to log into Netflix using these accounts, but none of them will do the trick. Once the account information goes public, they will be used by some user very quickly. So, you must try a different option than this. In fact, this can be the least effective method of all three options we mention in this article.

03. Use Netflix Torrents

Well, the final method we introduce in this article is using torrents. In general, Netflix movies and other contents are uploaded to torrent sites immediately. If you can find a good torrent site and download the content through a torrent client, that is effective. Once downloaded, you will be able to watch them again and again for free.

Conclusion on Free Netflix Account Hack

Well, that is how to hack Netflix account without costing anything. We know that the above methods may sound no brainer to some users. However, for the majority of our readers, these methods will be very useful. So, if you are a novice user who was wondering about a free Netflix account hack, these are the methods. We hope you liked our article. Also, please don’t hesitate to leave your feedback in our comments section. Good luck!

Do you love Netflix? And you want to watch each series as soon as possible. So Today, I am sharing Netflix Hack APK with you guys. I will also tell you about it if you don’t know about Netflix.

I will also tell you about it’s features. If you don’t want to download Netflix Hack APK than don’t worry I will share you how you can get Netflix free for a month. Keep in mind Netflix Hack APK is available here for lifetime use. If it won’t work so we will update it time to time.

What Is Netflix?

Netflix is a streaming service which allows users to watch a wide variety of TV shows, movies and documentaries. You can enjoy unlimited viewing of their content without having to watch a single commercial. Every new movie, TV shows and documentaries firstly share by Netflix on Internet.

Netflix Plans

Netflix offers you three types of membership plans.

• Basic: 1 Screen Plan SD (Watch On 1 Device At A Time)

• Standard: 2 Screen Plan HD (Watch On 2 Devices At The Same Time)

• Premium: 4 Screen Plan HD/UHD 4k (Watch On 4 Devices At The Same Time)

• DVD Plan(Only Available In The USA): US Buyers Can Sign Up For DVD Plan Or Add DVDs To Their Current Streaming Plan

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Netflix Download Expire Hacker

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Netflix App
If you want to watch movies and TV shows on mobile phone then you can download the official app of Netflix from Play store or App store. Netflix is the best feature for mobile phone users.
Netflix Movies
Netflix movies is one of the best features of netflix because many users mostly movies on netflix instead of TV shows and documentaries. You can search any new or old movie in search bar and watch the movie.
Netflix Free
Netflix offers one month free-trial for every new user who want to get experience of their service. You can create account with card details ( that’s rule and they will not deduct any amount) and start your one month free-trial.

How to get Netflix instead of Netflix Hack APK?

1. Go to the Netflix website and click on Join Free for a Month.
2. Click on ‘See the Plans’ then select Basic and Continue
3. Click on Continue then enter your Email and Choose Password and Continue it
4. Enter your Card Details (you will use free for one month without any charges) and click on Start Membership. You are Done.

What is Netflix Hack APK?

Netflix Hack Apk is a modded version of Netflix which helps you to watch movies. drama serials, stories or anything you want without registering yourself on Netflix site. Netflix Hack Apk is available for those who don’t have money to buy Netflix Account. If you can’t buy then definitely this is available just for you. You will need to have internet connection and Apk file (download link is given below).
Netflix Download Expire Hack
Name Netflix Hack Apk
Version 2.0 (Latest)
Size 10 MB
Release April 2019
Installs 60k+
Developer Netflix.Inc

Netflix Hack Apk Latest Version Download

Netflix Hack Apk Features

As you all know that movies trend is growing constantly. Movies either Hollywood or Bollywood are releasing continuously. According to my research, 70% population of the world loves movies and they want to watch movies. If you interested to know the features of Netflix Hack Apk then read the below section to about it’s features.

Unlimted Movies/Series/Shows

This app contains each and every series, movies and shows you can watch for free. You can watch anything you want in this application.

No Ads

This app doesn’t contain any type of ad which were placed by the developer. Ads irritate the users that’s why we removed it completely.

No User Limitation

As we Know Netflix official app have different plans with users limitations and that’s a bad thing for me. But if you have Netflix Hack Apk then you can share with your brother, sister, friends and others and you all can watch movies at same time without any issue.

Multiple Languages

I think this is cool feature for users. It allows you to watch movies and dramas in your language. In short, this application can be used by users of any country.

Multiple Quality

This Apk supports 144p, 240p, 360p, HD, Full HD, and Ultra HD 4k. If I talk about the Netflix official app then you will have to buy premium plan to watch movies in Ultra HD 4k because basic plan doesn’t support Ultra HD quality.

How to Install Netflix Hack

The process is clear like a glass. Turn On Unknown sources on your mobile. Tap the above download link of Netflix Hack then wait for installation. Once completed, open the Installed Apk file and download it.

User Reviews

Here are some reviews of users who shared their valuable opinion about Netflix App.

Reviewed BySchinzon

I want like this app, I really do. In theory it’s great for us “No Data Overages by Disabling Data” people. BUT It constantly “forgets” my login so it’s worse than useless since I had appointed to watch a great show/movie while at work and am disappointed to see the login screen… Also, three days and my downloads expire? Please folks, this is a monthly fee, can we get it right? When it works, it’s amazing!! Recent updates have fixed all my gripes! Way to go Netflix!

Reviewed ByAngel Fire

Every time the app updates it ruins video playing. the video glitches out when i try to rewind and then eventually the video will crash. never changes, and only gets worse with every update. please fix.

Reviewed ByJena B Goode

A few things I’d like to see.. reinstatement of the notifications list in app. stop asking who’s watching every time I login, it’s just me. I even deleted the kids account trying to make that stop. Also, I want to be able to delete items in “continue watching” because what I don’t finish watching is stuff I had to start to find out it wasn’t in English.. Also.. list the spoken language of items so we don’t have to do that.

Reviewed ByAshleigh Watson

I’m pretty happy with Netflix. Its definitely my go to if I want to watch something however, I think a great improvement would be having the choice to remove series or movies in the “continue to watch” section. similar to being able to remove series or movies in “my list” The reason for this suggestion is that the “continue to watch” just gets so cluttered. I literally start watching a bunch of things to find I don’t want to continue with it.


In this post, I told about Netflix Hack Apk. I hope you liked it and satisfied with the Apk. If you are facing any issue just let me know. If you downloaded it then support us by sharing it with others to let them know about Netflix Hack app. Thank you!

Netflix Download Expire Hacks


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