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Metro Park Season 2 is a Hindi web series about all the family drama that revolves around the Patel family.
Infected 2030 2021

Infected 2030

The film is set in 2030, where the pandemic has affected 25 crore people all over the world. A happy couple's life changes after the wife contracts the virus and her husband struggles to find a hospital bed. Hence, she is quarantined. But after two months, she misses her husband s physical presence and gradually begins to lose patience. Will the pandemic take a toll on their marital life? more»
Sex Education 2018

Sex Education

Sex Education is a film that highlights the importance of imparting sex education and normalizing it among the teenagers. It also aims at creating awareness about love, respecting your partners and their boundaries, STDs and much more. more»
Borof 2019


Borof is the story of Subham Biswas a deft mountain climber who goes missing on his dream expedition to climb Everest. His loss creates a void in the lives of his wife Mrittika & his mother. While Mrittika has come to terms with the tragic fact, Subham's mother is unable to move on. The cold tale between the two women & their efforts to overcome their anguish is the essence of the film. more»

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Thanneer Mathan Dinangal 2019

Thanneer Mathan Dinangal

Thanneer Mathan Dinangal follows the life of a sceptical yet honest eleventh-grade student, Jaison. The boy has a huge crush on Keerthy, his classmate but unfortunately, she does not reciprocate his feelings. Matters worsen when their new Malayalam teacher Ravi Padmanabhan becomes the centre of attraction. Ravi's influence on everyone irritates Jaison and he openly complains about Ravi being a fraud. As the film progresses, Ravi's true identity is revealed while Keerthy and Jaison fall in love. Experience the mischievousness during school days, teen angst, and a whole lot more in this coming-of-age drama. more»
Pension 2019


Here's a family of three Balu, his mother, and grandmother. They survive on his grandfather's pension of rupees eight hundred a month. Once Balu starts going to school, the expenses increase and unfortunately, the grandmother falls ill. Find out how this family struggles to survive against all odds. more»
Bawri Chhori 2021

Bawri Chhori

Bawri Chhori is a Hindi drama movie of Radhika whose husband leaves her & goes away to London. Radhika waits for her husband to return, but her wait turns into frustration & she decides to go to London to take revenge. What follows next is a journey where she meets people who try to persuade & dissuade her from her path. Watch Bawri Chhori to know if she's able to take revenge from her husband. more»
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Once More 2019

Once More

Once More is a Marathi movie about Kapil, an archaeologist, who's unhappily married to Anjali. When he finds a possibly magical dagger, he visits to Avadhpuri to find out more. Anjali is also visiting her grandfather who lives in Avadhpuri. When Kapil and Anjali are reunited in the town, strange things happen which are tied to a secretive, ancient past. What happens when this secret comes to light? more»
Khatre Da Ghuggu 2020

Khatre Da Ghuggu

Khatre Da Ghuggu is a Punjabi movie reloving around Fateh (Jordan Sandhu), an Rj who falls in love with Meet. But their love story takes an unusual turn when an astrologer predicts the early death of Meet's father Kanwar Mahinder Singh. Terrified, he does everything he can to avoid it which leads to comic situations. Watch Khatre Da Ghuggu to see all the things Singh does to avoid his early death. more»
Short Circuit 2019

Short Circuit

Short Circuit is a Gujarati movie about Samay, who falls in love with Seema, a TV anchor. Seema interviews a scientist and discovers his dangerous experiments. The scientist threatens her to not interfere with his research. But Samay gets unwittingly trapped in the scientist's evil plan. Can he save Seema and uncover the mystery behind this scheme? Watch Short Circuit to find out. more»

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Jamun 2021

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Jamun is a Hindi movie about a father trying to find a groom for his daughter who is squinted. In this process, he is diagnosed with Parkinson s disease. Watch Jamun to find out if he gets his daughter married. more»