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To my surprise, saving/loading brake drifting ghosts was already working. So I started working on CTGP compatibility.
For unknown reasons, braking input sequences are delayed by one frame in the stock game. And since brake drifting was implemented the same way as braking, it way delayed too. But CTGP doesn't do that and handles brake drifting like other inputs. I updated the code above to align with CTGP (only patch 5 had to be changed).
Another difference is that CTGP not only multiplies speed, but also boost acceleration, and standard acceleration, but not drift acceleration (they are separate vehicle/character stats). It also caps max boost speed differently than 150cc. I made a code that reproduces this behavior.
048b13b8 40900000
04575600 60000000
c25745fc 00000006
807d0000 80630004
80630004 54630739
40820014 3c603fc0
907d0030 c01d0030
ec200072 d03d0030
60000000 00000000
048b5c78 40900000
0457be64 60000000
c257ae60 00000006
807d0000 80630004
80630004 54630739
40820014 3c603fc0
907d0030 c01d0030
ec200072 d03d0030
60000000 00000000
Patch 1: set the boost acceleration to 4.5 (instead of 3.0)
# replace at 808b13b8 (NTSC-U)
# replace at 808b5c78 (PAL)
Patch 2: remove a branch to always use the same (smaller) speed cap while boosting
# replace at 80575600 (NTSC-U)
# replace at 8057be64 (PAL)
Patch 3: multiply the non-boost acceleration by 1.5 if the player is not drifting
# inject at 805745fc (NTSC-U)
# inject at 8057ae60 (PAL)
lwz r3, 0x0 (r29)
lwz r3, 0x4 (r3)
lwz r3, 0x4 (r3)
rlwinm. r3, r3, 0, 28, 28
bne end
lis r3, 0x3fc0
stw r3, 0x30 (r29)
lfs f0, 0x30 (r29)
fmuls f1, f0, f1
stfs f1, 0x30 (r29)
With this, it is now possible to replay CTGP 200cc ghosts on some tracks like rGV2 and rMC3 with at least millisecond accuracy, but other tracks like TF and rWS are more problematic, even when seemingly not using fast falling. In particular there is a value separate from acceleration that's added to the speed the next few frames after landing, and of course it's sometimes different on CTGP.

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02-14-2016, 07:44 AM
Mkw speed hack 200cc downloads

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Here is just a brief video tutorial made by me if anyone is still interested in doing so.
Sorry if this thread is in the wrong place
Sorry for my static Microphone in the background and some sound from outside.
This video is a brief/guide of a bit of what you should expect, have, or do
If you are looking to play Online I do not know how and I most likely won't try.
I do not take any credits for the work of this feel free to modify the work.
If you have issue with Converting CTGPR V1.02 aka v1.02.003 to ISO. Which I realize there might be a problem (hopefully it isn't).
Here is the original source where you have to pack it through codes. Sorry as I didn't notice this ahead of time of this video. If you want me to do it let me know.
Wiki Link of Hack Packs's_CT_Pack
Download Link

A: Yes, and there are quite a few, here's the rundown: General MKW Hack Pack bugs. It has been reported to Huili that although the pack loads fine, some people attempt to load the tracks and a blackscreen occurs. Another bug involves the max lap count modifier. In some cases, someone may complete a lap, only to have their wii freeze on them. A Mario Kart Wii game disk; An SD card of at least 768MB; If this is the first time you've ever used CTGP-R or a homebrew application you'll need to download an exploit (see below). Download CTGP-R v1.03 and extract it to your SD card. Say 'Replace All' or 'Merge' if you are prompted to overwrite any files.

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Contact the site master on his Youtube Page. Welcome to the online recourse for RMCE01 (Mario Kart Wii) ocarina codes! Notice, you will need the homebrew channel to run these codes. Most of these codes are for NTSCU (United States). Some are for PAL (Europe) and NTSCJ (Japan), but most aren't. If the Code doesn't say PAL or NTSCJ, it's US only.