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This lady has an ability which is a skill shot, i think is quite predictable for enemy champions; her movement speed is basically slow (especially for the bird! ); and she are often very squishy if you build her the correct way. Should you do occur to get Anivia right though, she can deal a crazy quantity of destruction of enemy champions around her.

Anivia’s passive is Rebirth, which means that upon Anivia’s death, she is going to revert into a small egg that will are 6 seconds. Unless the egg continues to be killed within those 6 seconds then Anivia will probably be reborn with the same percentage of health that her egg had. We have a calm down on Rebirth, and that is four minutes.


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Rebirth –

Explained above.

Ability 1:

Flash Frost very well

This is Anivia’s skill shot ability. Anivia fires a ball of ice that flies in a very straight line. This ball of ice deals magic damage and also slows any enemy in its path. You have the choice of reactivating Flash Frost again to manually stop ice ball from travelling, you can also wait for it to reach its maximum range. When there is an enemy champion nearby ice ball currently exploding, they will be stunned for just one second. The enemy will take some magic damage.

Make sure to practice this ability a reasonable bit. From the hard you to definitely leave, and will be quite frustrating to land!

Ability 2:

Crystallize very well

This ability is perfect for blocking enemy champions in or through your range. Anivia puts up an ice wall that last 5 seconds. You need to use Crystallize to dam an enemy champion in when you are near an allied turret, you can also block them out when they are chasing you down. Crystallize can be a real lifesaver!

Ability 3:

Frostbite micron

Frostbite has to be Anivia’s best ability. It has the intense potential of dealing some crazy damage, especially to people enemy champions who have no magic resistance gear.

Anivia blast the objective enemy champion with the iced pick that deals magic damage. If the target is ‘chilled’ by other abilities, for instance Flash Frost, then they will require double destruction of Frostbite.

Ability 4 (Ultimate):

Glacial Storm micron

Anivia’s ultimate ability is certainly one that will do a lot of damage and it is activated by toggling on / off.

A circular area of hail and chilling rain that Anivia casts may cause any enemy champion that walks within the area to possess decreased movement speed and slowed attack speed for 1 second. Glacial Storm also acts as ‘chilling’ the enemy, so that in the event you cast Frostbite when they have been caught in Anivia’s ultimate, they will then also take double damage from Frostbite.


On the whole, I think Anivia is really a really strong champion. The damage that her spells can perform will do to nuke another champion in one fell swoop. In my opinion that she must be fairly ‘tanky’, that To obtain the building a Rod of Ages and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter for the people extra health and survivability items. I had also try a Lich Bane for your extra movement speed it grants you, as Anivia is simply not the fastest champion amongst players.

Download Skin Hack Lol

Overview Information
Category Action Games
Latest Version3.0
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesMOD Menu

1v1.LOL MOD APK is an extremely hot fighting game on mobile with more than 10 million installs on Google Play. Quickly download the game right now to enjoy extremely dramatic battles with robot warriors.

Note: Try other games of the same genre like FRAG Pro Shooter and War Robots.

Introduce about 1v1.LOL

1v1.LOL – Third Person Shooter Building Simulator

The genre of fighting games combined with shooting has never been hot on mobile platforms. Most gamers love it because the battles are breathtaking in every second. Besides, what makes games of this genre so appealing is the variety of tactics that each player brings into the match. Each player will have their own battle plans to cope with different challenges, with different opponents, and with different situations. So, there doesn’t seem to be much overlap in each game screen, contributing to the endless inspiration that not every game genre has.

Would you like to hear a great hint about the fighting game genre? That is 1v1.LOL, the product of the publisher JustPlay.LOL. Not only possesses classic fighting gameplay, but this game also combines shooting and tactical elements. Moreover, allows gamers to participate in engaging online battles with countless different opponents around the globe. In addition, this game also owns a beautiful graphics platform and a unique controller. The promise to deliver the great experience every gamer has been waiting for.


The task of each player in 1v1.LOL is to use guns to fight other opponents in a 1v1 match. The war took place in a large context, but without any obstacles. Instead, players need to find a way to destroy the enemy with weapons and counterattacks by building virtual shields. Players can build any object shape they want such as walls, ribs, roofs, floors. These objects exist in a “virtual” form, that is, it is not real and does not appear forever during the match.

The player can build certain objects, then delete them or change their shape. This depends on your tactics. With the construction of virtual shields, you can avoid enemy bullets, and create the next move to attack the enemy. To attack, use a gun, but first of all, aim to shoot carefully to strike accurately.

Diverse game modes


Currently, 1v1.LOL owns 5 different game modes, including Battle Royale, 1v1, Box 2v2, Practice, and Party. With the first mode – Battle Royale, players will participate in the largest online tournament to confront countless professional gamers and try to win medals. As for the 1v1 mode, players will confront another opponent directly and the opponent arrangement is completely random. Meanwhile, Box 2v2 mode offers 4-person battles, divided into 2 opposing factions.

In particular, with Practice mode, will be suitable for novice gamers. Players should join it regularly to practice fighting skills before participating in online multiplayer matches. Pay attention to observing, gun skills, virtual shield-building skills, and more. In addition, combat tactics are of paramount importance to win or lose in each match.

Unique controls

What impressed us about the 1v1.LOL is the controller. Unlike other games of the same genre, this game offers a control system with many different function buttons with separate tasks. In the left corner of the screen, there is a multi-dimensional key to move the character. Meanwhile, on the right side, are the buttons that allow players to build shields. Just touch the “pen” icon and touch the shape of the object you want to create to be able to build them.

In addition, there are several important weapons displayed in the center of the screen. It includes pistols, ranged guns, or axes, allowing gamers flexibility to use depending on the situation. In particular, in this game, gamers can observe the match with a fairly wide third-person perspective on the horizontal screen. It ensures convenient viewing and using operations on the screen. Note, players can customize the interface as you like.


1v1.LOL owns a 3D graphics platform, but not too impressive. There are not too many details and images in the context of the game. Maybe this game is geared towards the minimalism needed to better fit the mobile platform, or it wants to create a maximum focus for gamers while fighting. However, the details in the game are quite clear, colors are vivid and harmonious, along the effect of the battle is quite smooth. In general, the game’s graphics are at a good level, which can satisfy the needs of most gamers.

How to install 1v1.LOL

Step 1: Download the version (APK or MOD) of 1v1.LOL from MODDED-1.


Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on your mobile device.

Step 3: Start to install the file.

Step 4: Complete the installation, the logo icon will appear “1v1.LOL” on the screen.

Download 1v1.LOL MOD APK for Android

1v1.LOL has more than 10 million installs on Google Play and is available for iOS. This game is a great combination of 3 game genres that many people love, including fighting, shooting, and strategy. So, it seems to be loved by the global community of players. And you? Would you like to try it now? Download the game by clicking on the link below to experience it immediately.

MOD Feature:

  • Unlock Skins
  • Instant Win
  • God Mode
  • Hidden Weapon
  • Auto Shot
  • Unlimited Bullet
  • Quick Shot
  • No Spread
  • One Hit Kill
  • 1v1.LOL (Original APK) v2.700
  • 1v1.LOL (MOD Menu) v2.700


  • Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
  • Please see Installation Guide from