Installing Windows 3.11 On Vmware

Windows 3.x was the first to gain significant development and commercial traction. It combined the 8086, 286, and 386 modes of Windows 2 in to one package. It replaced the MSDOS Executive with a Program Manager and File Manager similar to those in OS/2 1.x. Much of its success was spurred by the availability and success of Microsoft Office. Although Microsoft would have had you believe otherwise, Windows 3.x was the direct foundation for Chicago/Windows 95.

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Release notes

Installing Windows 3.11 On Vmware Tools 10

Windows for Workgroups 3.11 adds a 386-protected mode networking stack. It includes support for NetBUI and IPX protocols, numerous network cards, a client for accessing remote printers and files shares, and a print and file server. TCP/IP is available as a seperate add-on. The use of protected mode networking software frees up more of the conventional 640k for DOS programs, and simplifies configuration.

Windows 3.11a was a minor change released specifically to address a lawsuit over Stacker. Microsoft pulled compression functionality from a number of unrelated products including Windows for Workgroups, Excel, Powerpoint, Windows NT, Visual C++, and Fortran Powerstation.

Installing windows 3.11 on vmware update

Hello I was able to install MS-DOS 6.0 on the ESXi server and was able to install 3.11 windows, but when I try to start windows for the first time the mouse and keyboard dont work. I can see the cursor blinking on the password prompt so it doesnt look like it froze but I cant do anything. It has been a while. Pretty much you use a floppy image program to write the floppy images to disk. Might be able to use a floppy drive emulator as well. Pretty much install a floppy drive emulator in the host os. The VM might pick it up. Once you install DOS you can go through and launch windows 3.11 from disk and install it.

The only difference between 3.11 for Workgoups and 3.11a for Workgroups is the REMOVAL of compression code in the Remote Access Server (RASMAC.38_ / RASMAC.386). More information can be found in Infoworld, March 7 1994.