How To Install Directx 11 Windows 10

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  1. 4 DirectX and Windows Versions: DirectX 12 download, 11, 10, 9 It is a subsystem which allows your computer to experience graphics and videos from various applications. The components are.
  2. All other features of DirectX 11.1 are f or Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012 only. How to install the update: Well, now to install this update and get the se DirectX 11.1 features, all you have to do is to download the update package KB2670838 from this page, (you must be under Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1) then restart your.
  3. Feb 10, 2021 Visit the DirectX download page on Microsoft's site. Select your preferred language from the drop-down box and then choose Download to save the setup file to your computer. Open the dxwebsetup.exe file and complete the DirectX installation by following directions from Microsoft's website or from the installation program.

Updating DirectX. To get the latest version of DirectX for your version of Windows, use Windows Update. If you have Windows 10, then you already have the latest version of DirectX installed. Not all versions of Windows can run the latest versions of DirectX. Installing the latest version of DirectX.

Are you bothered by how to reinstall DirectX? Due to some errors with DirectX, you have to reinstall this component. However, a great many users have trouble in reinstalling it. To help you resolve this trouble, MiniTool will tell you how to reinstall DirectX and fix its errors.

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As an important component of Windows 10, Microsoft DirectX is responsible for managing the tasks related to video, game programming, multimedia, graphic programs and etc. Once the component gets corrupted or damaged, you will encounter various error messages like D3DCOMPILER_47.dll is missing, DSOUND.dll was mot found and etc.

At this time, you will find these error messages have a common feature. That is you are always required to reinstall DirectX. So, you have to look for the methods on Google to reinstall DirectX Windows 10. In the context, we will discuss how to reinstall DirectX and the corresponding fixes of its errors.

Check Your DirectX Version

Before you reinstall DirectX Windows 10, you should check what DirectX version is installed on your computer. Here is a quick guide for you.

Step 1. Type dxdiag in the search box and click this app from the list.

Step 2. After a while, you will see a pop-up window that shows the DirectX version you installed in the System tab.

Then you can reinstall DirectX Windows 10 based on your needs. Now, let’s see how to reinstall DirectX Windows 10.

You may see an error “explorer.exe system call failed” when launching File Explorer. This post mainly focuses on how to fix the system call failed error.

How to Reinstall DirectX Windows 10

There are some applications requiring an older version of DirectX to run properly, so you have touninstall your currently installed DirectX and reinstall the previous version. Here is how to do that:

Step 1. Download the previous DirectX version from here.

Step 2. After that, you can install it and restart your computer to check if the DirectX errors are resolved or not.

Error 0x80070020 often occurs while you try to install Windows updates. This post mainly focuses on the solutions to fix Windows update error 0x80070020.

How to Fix the Errors with DirectX

As mentioned above, you may encounter some error with DirectX like “D3DCOMPILER_47.dll is missing”, and “DSOUND.dll is missing” and so on. For these issues, you can try the following 2 common methods to fix.


Fix 1. Update Your Device Driver

Outdated or corrupted device drivers can cause DirectX errors. Updating your device driver can help you resolve the errors without reinstalling DirectX. You can follow the steps below to update the device driver.

Step 1. Type device in the search box and select Device Manager from the contextual menu.

Step 2. Navigate to the Display adapters and expand it. Then right-click the device diver and click Properties.

How To Install Directx 11 Windows 10 Download

Step 3. In the new window, go to the Driver tab and click Update Driver button.

Directx 11 Download Windows 10

Step 4. Then click Search automatically for updated driver software from the 2 options. After that, Windows will search for the latest driver software for you.

Fix 2. Use System Restore Point

System Restore point is a built-in tool that can help you recover your system to an earlier status. If there are any system restore points before you encounter the errors with DirectX, you can use the System Restore Point feature.

Step 1. Press Win + R keys to open the Run box, and then type the rstruiexe command in the box and hit Enter.

Step 2. Inside the System Restore window, click the Next button to continue.

Directx 11 Technology Update

Step 3. In the new window, check the Show more restore points, then you will find more restore points (including the automatic restore points and the restore point you created by yourself). Select the Restore point that you prefer to and click Next button.

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Step 4. Then confirm your restore point by clicking the Finish button. After that, your computer should be restored to an earlier state.

How To Install Directx 11 Windows 10 Compatibility

Right now, you probably have known how to reinstall DirectX in Windows 10. If you encounter the issues with DirectX, you can try the above methods to fix them.