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All you need to do first is download the hack archive by clicking on a download link below. Unzip the archive to your computer and open Dragon City Hack v2.42.exe. Now the hack tool appeared on your screen. Are you ready for the working Gold and Gems generator? Download the Latest hack of Dragon City Mod Apk at the end of the post. Dragon City is a popular game in which you get to become the master of dragons. It’s all about breeding new dragons and engaging in a fight with other dragons. By doing this you expand your city and get a chance to rule the whole world.

Dragon city mod apk gives unlimited everything, both gems, and money, thereby letting you cheat your way to success! If you are into playing dragon city then you might need all these things to grow a dragon to its fullest and win! The original game is developed by Social Point and is available on playstore – it’s s a piece of art. However, you might need a mod for the reasons we’ve described in this article.

Dragon City Mod Apk Apk (Latest Version)

As with any android game, there are many versions of the game available. With every update, there is a newer version installed on your android device. So, whenever you are searching for a mod it’s important to download the one that you’re looking for. The reason why I say this is because the latter version differs from the previous ones. With every update, developers keep adding new features and often remove old ones.

We have provided both, the old as well as the latest version of the dragon city mod apk to download.

Dragon City Mod Apk For Android

Dragon city mod is essential for every gamer looking to go dive deep and grow their collection of dragons. With this, you can easily become the top dragon master of the world.

The original game offers in-app purchases, however, not everyone can afford to buy them. To solve this problem, we use the dragon city mod apk that provides us with unlimited gems, food, and everything.

The mod is a modified version of the game that has all the features unlocked. If you frequently play dragon city you’d know how many restrictions exist within the game.

Like, to unlock spaces on the Island, you need to have friends! The prices of the dragons are far too high, you can breed dragons but it takes a lot of time to hatch – literally hours or even days! All this can be very frustrating for gamers who have to can’t do anything except for waiting.

The only solution to this problem is downloading dragon city mod for android. It lets you easily buy any dragon that you want to own. Breed, feed, get as many Islands as you wish to for free.

Features of Dragon City Mod Apk

The mod comes with a lot of features that help you win battles and make a great dragon city of your own. Your dragons will be empowered without you worrying about the orbs! There are tons of features of which we’ve listed a few below:

  • Get unlimited gems for free!
  • Unlocks advance gaming features that are reserved for premium users only
  • Get unlimited money and do as you please
  • Play the game without worrying about annoying advertisements
  • No root required
Hack game dragon city free. download full

Needless to say, with all these features you’ll be a great dragon master in no time!

Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Everything

Dragon City Hack Download Pc

Yes, you heard that right the mod apk provides unlimited everything to gamers! Many of us are in search of individual cheats for some particular thing, we spend a lot of time searching them online and end-up finding cheats that no longer work. And even if some do, chances are they won’t after an update.

Dragon city mod helps us solve this issue by literally providing everything for free!

Whether you are an experienced, gamer Once you have everything you need, you can play the way you wish too! Have any number of dragons you need without worry about anything.

Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Gems

The hack provides unlimited gems because it understands all too well that everybody who plays Dragon City needs them to buy virtually anything available in the game.

Now, even if you have to expand your Island you need gems since the friend’s feature is removed. And the problem with the game is that it’s not very easy to earn them!

You can buy them if you have money to, but they are pretty expensive. People have complained to the developers about making it easier for them to earn gems, but it’s clear they aren’t listening.

There are offers that one has to complete in order to earn free gems but usually, that doesn’t work either.

Thankfully, dragon city mod apk gives unlimited gems so don’t have to buy them. If you’re genuinely interested in getting free gems then the only possible way that truly works is this.

Brief Info About The Mod

FeaturesDragon city mod apk
VersionLatest Version + Mod
Ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dragon City No Ads

If you play android games on a daily basis you’d know advertisements are a big problem these days. Just like many other games dragon city is filled with advertisements. There are adverts that pop-up during gameplay and causes the game to completely hang. This breaks the overall momentum, is extremely annoying.

What we can do to get rid of the advertisements is to install the mod. It completely removes all the advertisements thereby making sure you enjoy the game only. Bye-bye annoying ads!

All The Dragon city Cheats

Whether you’re a male or a female, an experienced or some amateur dragon city gamer chances are might have searched for dragon city cheats on Google at least once. Some might have succeeded, others not.

The problem with the cheats is they’re patched as soon as the game gets updated. Most of the cheats available for the game are actually bugs. We gamers exploit those for our own gains, the problem, however, is that these bugs are patched in the later version of the game. So, if you update your game. Your cheats are most probably done.

This is why I recommend downloading the dragon city mod instead.

How To Install

If you are confused about how to installation process then don’t be! Follow the simple steps that I’ve written below to install the mod.

  1. First of all download the latest version of dragon city mod apk by clicking the download button at the top of the page.
  2. Navigate to where your APK is saved.
  3. Click to install!
  4. If an error pops up then goto setting –> security and then allow applications to install from unknown sources.

Gameplay & Story

Dragon city is a wonderful game where we get to breed and raise the dragons. We can train them and make them bigger and stronger. The dragons live on floating islands where we can install buildings and farms that are necessary.

The game has battles where we have to compete against other dragons. The ultimate aim of the game is to win those battles and become a dragon master.

Hack Game Dragon City Free Download For Pc

Reviews About Dragon City Mod

I’m totally in love with this. The way these dragons fight is fascinating. I play this game with my kids who are 9 and 12. Both like this very much. I have to say its quite addictive, so parents should keep the timings in check. Apart from its a 10/10 from me​Tyler Wallace
I love everything about this game, I’ve been playing this for the past 5 years and I still haven’t grown bored. I needed hacks and cheats which I have got now it’s going to be ​even better.Patricia Oldham

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does dragon city mod do?

Dragon city mod apk provides unlimited everything for free.

Can we play dragon city mod offline?

Yes, once you've downloaded and installed the mod, you can play offline.

Can we get all the dragons?

Dragon City Hacked Version Download

You've got all the money and gems, purchase any dragon you like.

Is dragon city mod no root?

Your android device doesn't need to be rooted, so don't worry.


Many gamers are in search of dragon city hack and cheats that let them have an edge over other players. That’s understandable considering there are many features that are locked in the original game, and people want to enjoy them.

Dragon City Hacked Apk Download

There are over 1000 unique dragons in the game, and people want to buy all of them. Unfortunately, its not that easy and this is why we have provided dragon city mod apk in this article. It lets you have everything without wasting any money. So, you don’t need to wait countless hours or waste gems since you’ll get an unlimited supply of them.

If you love dragon city then you’ll love the mod.

Dragon City Game Hack Free Download

The reason I provided the mod was so people can actually get rid of the advertisements and use all the weapons for free.

Are you tired of wasting your money for Gems in Dragon City? We have good news for you, because thanks to our hack this is now over! We are offering you the only working Dragon City hack. With this hack you will get Gems, Gold and Food totally for free.

We all know how valuable Gems are in Dragon City. With them you can skip waiting times of buildings or expand main buildings. A lot of players are buying them with their own money. But with our Dragon City cheat this isn’t necessary anymore! Try it out now and get Gems, Gold and Food totally for free.

How to use the hack

  1. Enter your Dragon City Username
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After you have used the Dragon City hack apk your items will be added to your account immediately. Directly use Dragon City cheats on your PC and mobile device. The hack for Dragon City is supporting the operating systems Android and iOS.

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Hack Dragon City – Features

  • Add Gems, Gold and Food to your account
  • Add dragons instantly to your game
  • Add buildings instantly to your game
  • Anti-Ban protection
  • Dragon City hack Android – optimized for Android devices
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With nearly over 10 Million players around the globe per month Dragon City is counting to one of the most popular games on Facebook. Most of these players are trying to find an easy way to get to Gems and Gold. With our hack you can easily make this happen. With it you will be able to add unlimited Gems and Gold to your Facebook account. For the hack is no installation needed. Simply start your free download and add these items to your account.

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