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  1. Download the GTA vice city APK from our Telegram Channel. Install The apk. Allow Installation from an “Unknown Resources” to install it. Open your device’s main menu where you can find the freshly installed App. Tap on the app and enjoy it! These simple steps will help you to download your required APK.
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  3. Download Get Hack GTA Vice City apk 1.01.0 for Android.
  4. Oct 19, 2020 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Game Download. Latest 0.19.0 Gta Download For Andriod. Download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City MOD APK 1.09 (Unlimited Money/Ammo). GTA Original + MOD Apk Download for free Latest. Latest GTA version Download Free. GTA Vice City Game Download Table of Contents GTA Vice City Game Download:GTA Vice City Features:GTA Vice City.

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GTA: Vice City APK + Mod + Unlimited Money for Android functioned as the first-ever entry developed and published by Rockstar Games and the fourth entry in the overall GTA series. The first three instalments were bestowed by DMA Design. Consisting of third-person perspective, this game contains the open-world format like the rest of its other remaining entries. The game was critically acclaimed and greatly received by many prominent gaming communities from all around the world. It was considered as a major improvement over its previous three instalments. It was the top-rated PS2 game of 2002 on Metacritic. Quickly, it also had the honour of becoming one of the top-selling games of all time. More than 18 years have passed and still it manages to freshen our childhood memories.

But we know that every memorable game comes with its mod apk with various unlocked features! GTA: Vice City APK for Android is one of those games as well. This mod apk is an upgraded version of the original edition. All the initial features are completely intact with the addition of some new exciting ones.

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Check out the following article providing information about GTA: Vice City mod apk!

GTA Vice City APK + OBB 2021 Download Details:

Apk nameGTA Vice City APK + Mod + Unlimited Money Download for Free
Apk Version1.09
Apk Size7.60 MB
OBB Size1.38GB
Android SupportYes
Lastly Updated inJune 2021

Download GTA Vice City APK (7.60 MB) for Free

Download GTA Vice City OBB File (1.38 GB) for Free

GTA Vice City Unlimited Money Mod APK v1.09 (7.60 MB)

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Introduction to the GTA Vice City APK:

GTA Vice City APK [Mod + Original] is a well-developed platform and an exciting game that has a gameplay revolving around a gangster. You will have to face many opponents and manage to survive to be a well-known gangster in the game. The concept indeed makes it very exciting to play and the game is upgraded and would have got an idea of what this going to be all about too by now. Enjoy the gangster’s life, face the enemies, police, complete missions, earn more and avoid getting killed by others in the game. So you have to fight and kill them all to keep surviving in the game.

Synopsis : GTA Vice City APK [Mod+Original]

Tommy Vercetti is the main character in GTA: Vice City APK. He, along with Ken, gets involved in a fictional drug deal after getting released from a 15 year prison time. The deal takes place in Miami, Florida. However, things go south and the entire deal gets busted by some unknown attackers. They steal all the money and the drugs.

Now, the ultimate goal of Tommy is to recover all the money and drugs which were stolen from him. He completes several dangerous and exciting missions in order to retrieve the lost property and also ends up killing various gangsters and criminals. This game is a perfect treat for all the 1980s fans!

The gameplay of GTA Vice City APK + Mod APK :

GTA: Vice City APK is a game that is fully developed based on an idea to make you experience the real life of a gangster and in the game, you will also get a chance to do police missions so that you can earn money. Police-related missions, taxi missions, and many other things are offered by the game. Along with that you can travel in many vehicles, use the deadly coolest weapons, and unlock everything in the game with unlimited money. Many enemies come to attack you and you would have to fight them to have a good gangseter life.

Graphics of the GTA Vice City APK:

The graphics are an essential part of this action Mod APK because also it plays an amazing role as it is a known fact that if the graphics of the game is not acceptable, of course, you will not get entertained while accessing it. So indeed we do proudly inform you that the graphics of this GTA: Vice City APK is unique and you will surely love this mod game apk. Also, you will have no issues as there are no drawbacks regarding the locations or quality of the game and the locations and characters are something that is appreciated to date for sure along with beautifully developed.

Download GTA Vice City APK (7.60 MB) for Free

Download GTA Vice City OBB File (1.38 GB) for Free

GTA Vice City Unlimited Money Mod APK v1.09 (7.60 MB)

GTA: Vice City (MOD) APK + OBB File Features [Unlimited Money]

Beautiful Graphics

The graphics have been updated in GTA: Vice City mod apk [OBB Highly Compressed]. It means that you can enjoy this game with more clear images and graphics in comparison to its original version. All the character designs and weather conditions have been improved as well. Also, you can modify the screen resolutions. It supports higher resolutions as well. Just download Gta Vice City for your Android and enjoy.

Precise Targets

The aim of the weapons has been developed too. Now, your character has much better control of his weapons with less recoils.

Customize your controls

You have the alternative of customizing the in-game controls if you feel a bit out of the place. Adjust the controls and set them according to your own choice. Additionally, the controls are really smooth to use in this Android version of GTA : Vice City APK [70MB Highly Compressed Obb].

Various exciting missions

Completing these missions is our top priority in GTA: Vice City APK download [Unlimited Money]. Without finishing them properly, we can’t advance to the next missions in the game. Your campaign will begin with easy missions and the level of difficulty and their time duration will increase. Also, many thrilling side missions are also present in the game. You can also complete these missions and earn a serious amount of money from them.

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Many Languages

Various prominent languages like English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Korean, Spanish, and many more have been given in GTA: Vice City mod APK to enrich your gaming experience. Just choose your preferred language and enjoy the game.

Gta Vc Hack Download

Bugs Fixed

All types of glitches or bugs have been removed from the GTA: Vice City mod APK. It will run very smoothly in your Android device. Additionally, it doesn’t contain any kind of virus or malware threat. It is completely safe to use in your device.

Unique Gameplay

GTA: Vice City APK [Unlimited Money] for Android is based on an open-world format. It means that you have an amazing chance to not only complete the missions but to also explore the in-game places or regions on a whole new level. You can easily loot or kill someone, steal someone’s vehicle, rob anyone, mock the cops, and execute several other things in the game. A wide range of weapons is present and body armour can be used also in the game. Several side missions are also available. Furthermore, you can perform some serious stunts in the game which can fill your account with handsome amounts. We advise you to download and install the game in your device to discover more features!


GTA: Vice City mod apk [Unlimited Money] also supports the MoGa Wireless Game Controller. Furthermore, it displays its compatibility with many USB gamepads.

Different Missions:

Gamers who install this mod version of the GTA: Vice City APK will get a huge plus point and that is unlimited money different unique missions will be assigned to the gamers. With these missions, they would have to earn money to go further in the journey and make it through the attacks from the opponents and enemies to live long in the game.

Unlock everything, weapons, and armors:

Download GTA: Vice City APK from the below download link and have the benefit of living a real gangster life in virtual mode by completing your tasks. You can unlock the weapons and the armors which will help you stay protected from the attacks. Aso for being powerful you must know to attack your enemies in a proper situation. Do not miss a chance and move a step forward in becoming a popular gangster now.

Unlimited Money

Gta Vc Hack Download Pc

When you’ll play the game everything you do works for money in the end, so if you have more money you will get to buy new weapons, new vehicles and enjoy more in the game with absolutely no limits stopping you from doing anything in this mod version of the game.


There is no doubt that GTA: Vice City APK + Mod + Unlimited Money is one of the best games of all time. You can’t get bored with it. The mod apk which we have provided is absolutely free and easy to use. While the original version of the game will cost you Rs. 121 on Google Play Store. It means you are getting all the original features with some extra modified components as well. And you don’t have to spend a single penny to snatch all these things! Now, don’t just wait folks! Go and quickly download the apk file from the link given below.

FAQ regarding GTA Vice City APK:

1. Is it true that GTA Vice City APK is free ?

Answer: You can use this GTA Vice City APK without spending any money.

2. If we download the GTA Vice City APK, will ads appear?

Answer: You can go for this GTA Vice City APK. There will be no annoying ads in between to annoy you.

3. Is the GTA Vice City APK safe to download?

Answer: Gamers can indeed go for this GTA Vice City APK as it is entirely free from any virus attacks.

How to Download and Install GTA: Vice City apk in your Android device?

Follow the below steps to download and install GTA Vice City APK:

  • First of all go to below link and Download GTA Vice City apk and Obb file
  • Now Install the GTA : Vice City Apk in your Android device
  • Now copy and paste the obb file at location Android> Obb
  • Now open the GTA VICE CITY APK in your Android Device
  • Now that’s it you have successfully installed GTA VICE CITY in your Device for Free.

Download Link of GTA Vice City APK (with OBB):

Gta Vc Hack Download Pc

Download GTA Vice City APK from here

Download GTA Vice City OBB File (1.4GB) from here

GTA Vice City Unlimited Money Mod APK v1.09 (7.60 MB)

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