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Gardenscapes mod apk: Hey gamers, are you tired of playing action and racing games and want to try something more fun? Then you are at the right place at the right time because this article is going to tell you about Gardenscapes, a very amazing and trending puzzle game on GooglePlay.

Also, if you are already looking for Gardenscapes Mod APK Unlimited Coins, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will provide you with the latest mod or hack apk of Gardenscapes game. I think you already know about the game before because you are looking for the modded version.

Those people who don’t know about this game should definitely not skip any of the paragraphs. Because I will introduce it from the very beginning and provide you a deep knowledge. Before we talk about the Gardenscapes apk, let’s talk about the original game or what we can get into it.

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Gardenscapes Mod APK:

Gardenscapes v 5.0.2 Hack mod apk (Unlimited Coins / Stars) Version: 4.9.0. Welcome to Gardenscapes - the first success of the Playrix's Scapes ™ series! Solve match-3 puzzles to restore a wonderful garden to its former glory! Embark on an adventure journey: beat the match-3 levels, restore and decorate different areas of the garden.

Gardenscapes is a decorate game available for both Android and iOS devices. It is free to download and play for everyone. The game got the editor’s choice badge on the Google Play Store. Also, it got 100,000,000+ downloads and a 4.3-star rating out of 5. The Apk file size is around 148 MB and requires a minimum android version of 4.2 to run smoothly.

The Gardenscapes game has been combined with other games. In the game, you will get a candy game or puzzle and to create a beautiful garden and houses you need to complete a new puzzle. The gameplay is so much amazing that even a no-gamer person will get addicted to it after playing once.

If you feel hard to play the game after some task, you need coins to boost your skills. At that time you may need to purchase some coins with real money. And in such a situation, you must need Gardenscapes Mod Apk which will provide you coins but at no cost. We have also removed ads on the mod version for your interruption-free experience.

There are some basic requirements in order to enjoy this game without any suffering on your phone. First of all, you have to make sure you have an android device with a minimum android version of 4.2. Also, your device should have sufficient storage as Gardenscapes is high Mb. If your device is okay with all the requirements, you are ready to scape the garden.

Download Gardenscapes Mod APK

At first, click on the download button below and a popup will come. If you click on Yes/Ok, then the download will start. I recommend using the Chrome browser on PC or Android devices because it is quite fast. The download will take some time, so please wait until the process is complete. Make sure you have sufficient space to download the file.

If the download speed is slow, it has two reasons. The first one if your internet connection is not good and the second one is server load. Sometime when many users download a file at a time, you may feel slow download speed. In that case, you can download after someday until server loading fixes. Or you can try our UC Browser Mod Apk to download the file with lightning speed.

By using Gardenscapes Mod APK, you don’t need to purchase coins or any in-game item by money. Similarly, verything on the mod version is unlimited. On the upcoming updates of the mod version, we will provide all tasks complete and many more features.

Original Apk Features

Here I told some features that should you know before install in your device. When you play the game, there may be more features on the upcoming updates.

Amazing graphics

Gardenscapes has excellent graphics and it has been made with advanced 3D technique. You don’t need a good GPU to play the game because the graphics are adorable on low-end devices or functional devices. If you have a big screen device, then it would be awesome while playing.

You will get a 360 view on the garden or houses and you can scroll anywhere to see more objects. Even you can zoom on a particular element or zoom out to view like a satiate. All the objects like a tree, flowers, houses, characters, and houses on the game are visible. So you don’t need to compromise on graphics.


To decorate your garden, you need to complete some tasks in solving puzzles. You may have played Candy Crush game before or something like that. The same game you will get in Gardenscapes Mod APK. You have to solve a puzzle on the game and earn coins, stars. Then you can buy new things or decorate your garden, houses, etc.

Solving the puzzle is not so hard, you need some tactics and practice. You can crush the bubbles when arranging at least three of them on vertically or horizontally. You can also arrange four or five same items to defeat, but at that time, you will get a supper bubble as a prize. The supper bubble breaks more than the normal one.

The puzzle is fascinating and even new problem has a new challenge. Sometimes you need to match color and sometimes you have to complete the puzzle in the given time or something like that. On the latest update, you will get many more features.


In the Gardenscapes game, you will get a character to play. You will come to the old house from outside of the country. Because of a long time you don’t stay at home, no one cares about it. When you come to the house, you feel something should change.

When you start replacing the house items by color or smoothness, you start replacing everything. In that way, you change the complete garden of your old house. What you think or talk to someone in the game, you will see it by text.

If you read the text or story of the game, it will be very interesting. Honestly saying I have never seen that type of amazing story game. Even the game is for time passes or breaks the boringness, you will learn how an intelligent man should behalf or care about houses.

Features of Gardenscapes Mod APK:

If you feel hard to play the game after some task, you need coins to boost your skills. At that time you may need to purchase some coins with real money. At that time you must need Gardenscapes Mod Apk which will provide you coins but on no cost. We also removed the ads on the mod version.

By using the modded version of Gardenscapes, you don’t need to purchase coins or any in-game item by money. Everything on the mod version is unlimited. On the upcoming updates of the mod version, we will provide all task complete and many more features.


Install Gardenscapes Mod APK On Android

After you download Gardenscpaes Mod APK on your device, open file manager app, if you don’t have a file manager App then download anyone from Google Play Store. Open the internal storage and then Download folder. Find the file you just downloaded from browser.

Click on the .apk file or try to open. If there you see a settings button and asking for Unknown Sources Install permission, click on it. Then give access. After that, you can install the Apk on your device. Don’t worry; it is not risky.

After that go back and click on the install button at the right down side. The install process will take some time and it depends on your device performance. After sometime when install is complete, click on done button or open to play instantly.

Easy Way to Install On Your Computer

If you want to play the mod version or original of Gardenscapes, it is possible. The game is made for a smartphone-like Android and iOS operating system. But it is possible to play on desktop or laptop by an emulator. To perform an android game on PC, you just need to install an emulator.

At first, you need to download an emulator suitable for your operating system. For windows I recommend BlueStacks. After you install an emulator, download the Mod APK from the download button above.

Gardenscapes hack apk unlimited stars download pc

Now open the download folder and find the .apk file. You have to now open he file by clicking the right button. Then select the emulator you installed. The Apk will fit on your emulator, and you can play the game after opening the emulator. You can also make a shortcut to play the game directly without opening the emulator first.

User review

Brenda Hull: I love this game. Played it on my PC also, and I like this version as well! The levels do get a bit tricky and rough the higher you get. The little extra scenes you can work on take too much time and too many things to complete, especially on harder levels. I haven’t been able to complete any of those before they’re removed and it moves onto something else.

Fenestra Johnson: Why does it take so many times to update this game? And it takes so many times to keep playing this game and play a game over and over. And you spend so much mo eye on this game, and I believe that someone goes into your account. I will keep a lookout as well. I like the game a lot and am addicting. Lol

Krista Marks: I love this game. It is addictive. Lol. The story is good. However, getting only one star for the hard and super hard levels is insane! You have to try harder to win those levels. My opinion, you should get two stars for the hard level and three stars for the super-hard level. And where are the daily bonuses like every other game?

Some FAQ By Users

Is Gardenscapes a online game?

No, it is not an online game. You can play the game offline. But to create an account and purchase some items will require an internet connection.

Is Gardenscapes Mod APK available for iOS devices?

No, we do not have this game available for iOS devices. Currently, you can try the mod version on an Android device.

Gardenscapes Hack Apk Unlimited Stars DownloadDoes Gardenscapes show ads to user?

Yes on the original version if you download from Google Play Store, you will see ads while playing the game. But if your device is not connected on the internet, it will not show ads. On the mod version, we removed the ads. So you can play the game on ad-free mode even connected on the internet.

Final Words

If you love puzzle game like Candy Crush and decoration game, then Gardenscapes is the best choice for you. I am playing the game for the last three months, and I am happy with it. The story of the game was fantastic. I want to salute who made the in-game story.

I recommend installing the Gardenscapes game on your Android device. If you download the Gardenscapes Mod APK, then it would be awesome because it has unlimited money and some other benefits.

Keep in mind that we do not promote any hacks or mod product. We do not develop the mod versions. We just collect the mod versions and provide to you just for educational purpose. In the event that you have any issue with respect to this article, it would be ideal if you get in touch with us.

Download Gardenscapes mod APK - latest version - free to enjoy one of the best matching tile games on the Android store, with addictive gameplay and great features.

Gardenscapes Hack Apk Unlimited Stars Download

Compatible with:Android 4.2+
Last version:5.3.0
Size:144.00 Mb
MOD:Unlimited coins, star
Google Play Link:com.playrix.gardenscapes

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited coins (increase when spent)
  • Unlimited star

Gardenscapes, from Playrix, has millions of downloads and millions of positive reviews, and for good reason. It’s likely one of the finest matching tile games where you have to hit 3 tiles in a row, unlocking bonuses, decorating your garden, and working towards the almost infinite amount of levels in the game. Playrix offers dedicated support for the game, which means there are still levels being added to the game years and years later. Meet the in-game characters, Austin, and say hello to the chirpy little dog. Become a gardening hero when you download Gardenscapes.

Playrix have done something excellent with Gardenscapes, and their other title, Homescapes. That is, they’ve added a fun storyline to the base match-3 mechanics that have become so popular on mobile devices. You have inherited a mansion with a garden in a quite disgusting state, but a garden with a lot of potential if you’re ready to put TLC into planting trees, mowing the lawn, and creating beautiful flower beds. This is all achieved by smashing the match-3 levels, where you have to match plants, colors and much more. We’ll go into more detail below about the gameplay and different features.

The Gameplay in Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes Hack Apk Unlimited Stars Download Pc

If you haven’t heard of Match-3 before, where have you been for the past few years of mobile gaming? It’s by far one of the most popular formats for Android games, all thanks to hit titles such as Candy Crush, and now Homescapes. The aim of the game is to complete more and more difficult levels by matching 3 or more tiles of the same type. In Homescapes, you unlock different power-ups by busting tiles of up to 6 different pieces. Some of the upgrades include bombs, butterflies, and rainbow power-ups that delete every block of the same type on the board. As with all match-3 games, Gardenscapes starts out easily, but quickly gets harder as you progress through the 1000+ levels.

Addictive Progression

As you beat the different Match-3 levels, you’ll be able to slowly upgrade your garden. First you’ll clear weeds, clean up the fountain, and get rid of garden junk.This leaves space for more interesting inclusions, such as flower beds, maybe a bench or two, and lots of other great features in your garden. Remember, there is a life limit - if you don’t beat enough levels in a row you’ll need to wait for your lives to regenerate, or purchase more lives from the in-game microtransaction shop.

Best Features of Gardenscapes

Alongside the addictive gameplay, unique Match-3 mechanics (which are found in most Playrix games), and the slow and satisfying progression of making your garden look beautiful. There are also lots of other great features that make it worth downloading Gardenscapes now, such as almost unlimited levels, an in-game social system, and much more. Keep reading to find out all the best features.

Lots of Unique Characters and Stories

Gardenscapes Unlimited Lives

This game is much more than just a Match-3 game. The story that unfolds in the background is pretty heartwarming, and you’ll get to meet a host of different characters. Take Austin, who was the original gardener and house butler, who will guide you through the game, explaining how different mechanics work and helping out in the garden. Plus, there’s the little dog, who not only cheers you up when the skies are grey outside, but also assists you in the Match-3 levels. He has a special power-up move which will definitely get you out of a sticky situation!

In-game Social Network to Play With Friends

Like all good mobile games, Gardenscapes provides a social platform for you to play closely with your best buds.You can keep track of your friend’s levels and even visit their gardens, as well as ask for help on certain levels or get life boosts. This makes it easier to keep playing the game for longer as you won’t have to wait around for your hearts to regenerate. Plus, you can be neighbors with your Facebook friends. Although this is all great, you can also play Gardenscapes totally offline, so no need to worry about your data or Wi-Fi connection! Great for commuters and those who ride the subway…

Ad-Free, No Need to Spend Money

Playrix is a fairly reputable mobile games company - Gardenscapes has no intrusive ads that pop up while you’re trying to play, and it even allows you to play offline. Plus, while the game does have a time-designated life/hearts system, you don’t need to spend money. Much of the enjoyment of Gardenscapes, especially once you get into the difficult levels at 500+, is about taking your time and playing the game strategically - almost like how you might play Chess against the computer. If you can master the ways of Gardenscapes, you’ll never have to spend a coin on the game.

Tips and Tricks for Gardenscapes

There are all sorts of tips and tricks for Gardenscapes, and you’ll quickly pick up on the best ways to navigate each level as you play. One thing we can recommend is to use your power-ups wisely. Sometimes it’s a good idea to wait until you’ve built up lots of different power-ups on the same board and then set them off in a big chain reaction. Remember, each level has a limited amount of moves, and you’ll need to make sure you’re being strategic when choosing which path to take through the level. Sure, the game might be relaxing at heart, but once you start hitting those massive levels the game starts to get pretty tricky, and as a result, fairly stressful.

Gardenscapes Mod APK - Unlimited coins, star

Download the mod apk Gardenscapes to enjoy unlimited coins + star and play without having to wait around for your lives to regenerate. Awesome!