Free Alternatives To Actual Transparent Window 8.11.2

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Quickly and easily set and adjust the transparency of your various windows using this efficient application

Free Alternatives To Actual Transparent Window 8.11.2 Actual Transparent Window is a reliable application for Windows that’s not only incredibly easy to use, it also helps you take the look of your various windows to the next level (which can prove to be pretty neat if you’re someone that spends the better part of your day staring at a computer screen).
Since the application makes your various windows both better looking and more accessible, the utility can be pretty handy when it comes to increasing your productivity and workflow as well. With so many handy features and modifications available at your fingertips, a completely customized windows experience through Actual Transparent Window is only a few clicks away.
- Aimed at beginners and more experienced users alike.
- Two different transparency modes for you to choose from (automatic and manual).
- Allows you to set up an exclusion list for any windows that you don’t want to include.
- Gives you the opportunity to choose just how you’d like the transparency to work for you (automatic, at startup, while moving, while inactive, upon hovering the mouse over them, etc.).
- Special tools that allow you to choose exactly how transparent you’d like your windows to be.
- Allows you to modify individual windows manually if you’d like.
- Ghost Mode which allows you to navigate and click on pages that are underneath your transparent windows.
- Comes equipped with support for multiple languages.
- Processor: Pentium II 200 MHz or higher
- System memory: 64 MB

Free Alternatives To Actual Transparent Window 8.11.2 Operating System

- Free disk space: 3 MB
- Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher


Free Alternatives To Actual Transparent Window 8.11.2 Software

- 7 days trial.
- Nag screen.
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Free Alternatives To Actual Transparent Window 8.11.2 Screen

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Actual Transparent Window lets you add transparency effect to any window such as Windows Taskbar, Winamp, Start menu and drop-down menus, any Instant Messenger and other windows since Windows 2000. Read more.

Free Alternatives To Actual Transparent Window 8.11.2 Laptop

  • Archive of previous versions

Current Version

IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
atwsetup.exe8.00 MbFebruary 12, 20218.14.5Self-extracting installation file

How to Install

Please follow the steps listed below to install the program on your computer:

  1. Execute the downloaded installation file (for instance atwsetup.exe).
  2. Follow the setup instructions displayed on your screen.

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IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
ActualToolsUserManual.pdf5.9 MbJune 4, 20198.14Documentation in PDF format

Archive of previous versions


IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
atw8144.exe8 MbOctober 11, 20208.14.4Self-extracting installation file
atw8143.exe8.04 MbDecember 27, 20198.14.3Self-extracting installation file
atw8142.exe8.04 MbOctober 29, 20198.14.2Self-extracting installation file
atw8141.exe8.04 MbJuly 10, 20198.14.1Self-extracting installation file
atw8140.exe8.04 MbMay 15, 20198.14.0Self-extracting installation file
atw8133.exe8.03 MbNovember 29, 20188.13.3Self-extracting installation file
atw8132.exe8.02 MbOctober 12, 20188.13.2Self-extracting installation file
atw8131.exe8.01 MbSeptember 27, 20188.13.1Self-extracting installation file
atw8130.exe7.99 MbAugust 22, 20188.13.0Self-extracting installation file
atw8122.exe7.99 MbMay 22, 20188.12.2Self-extracting installation file
atw8121.exe7.99 MbApril 21, 20188.12.1Self-extracting installation file
atw8120.exe7.99 MbMarch 3, 20188.12.0Self-extracting installation file
atw8112.exe7.91 MbSeptember 28, 20178.11.2Self-extracting installation file
atw8111.exe7.91 MbJuly 27, 20178.11.1Self-extracting installation file
atw8110.exe7.92 MbJune 21, 20178.11.0Self-extracting installation file
atw8102.exe7.93 MbMarch 28, 20178.10.2Self-extracting installation file
atw8101.exe7.93 MbFebruary 20, 20178.10.1Self-extracting installation file
atw8100.exe7.89 MbDecember 30, 20168.10.0Self-extracting installation file
atw89.exe7.78 MbJuly 22, 20168.9.0Self-extracting installation file
atw882.exe7.79 MbMay 6, 20168.8.2Self-extracting installation file
atw88.exe7.77 MbMarch 31, 20168.8.0Self-extracting installation file
atw87.exe7.81 MbFebruary 4, 20168.7.0Self-extracting installation file
atw861.exe7.76 MbNovember 20, 20158.6.1Self-extracting installation file
atw86.exe7.76 MbOctober 6, 20158.6.0Self-extracting installation file
atw853.exe7.75 MbSeptember 19, 20158.5.3Self-extracting installation file
atw851.exe7.74 MbSeptember 5, 20158.5.1Self-extracting installation file
atw85.exe7.73 MbAugust 26, 20158.5.0Self-extracting installation file
atw84.exe7.66 MbMay 27, 20158.4.0Self-extracting installation file
atw83.exe7.66 MbApril 16, 20158.3.0Self-extracting installation file
atw822.exe7.36 MbNovember 1, 20148.2.2Self-extracting installation file
atw821.exe7.36 MbOctober 24, 20148.2.1Self-extracting installation file
atw82.exe7.36 MbSeptember 22, 20148.2.0Self-extracting installation file
atw814.exe7.31 MbApril 10, 20148.1.4Self-extracting installation file
atw813.exe7.31 MbMarch 21, 20148.1.3Self-extracting installation file
atw812.exe7.31 MbMarch 5, 20148.1.2Self-extracting installation file
atw811.exe7.28 MbFebruary 1, 20148.1.1Self-extracting installation file
atw81.exe7.27 MbJanuary 23, 20148.1.0Self-extracting installation file
atw803.exe7.22 MbSeptember 14, 20138.0.3Self-extracting installation file


IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
atw751.exe7.05 MbApril 13, 20137.5.1Self-extracting installation file


IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
atw672.exe4.17 MbNovember 23, 20116.7.2Self-extracting installation file


IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
atw54.exe3.5 MbAugust 6, 20095.4.0Self-extracting installation file