Download Real Windows 1.11

  1. Download Real Windows 1.11.2
Download real windows 1.11.2

Over time we have developed a number of small utilites and scripts to help customers deploying domain migration solutions based on our software. We've collected these utilities below so that they are easily accessible to everyone. You are welcome to use any of these programs free of charge.

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These programs are distributed in the hope that the will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Use the media creation tool (approx. 1.41 MB) to download Windows. This tool provides the best download experience for customers running Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Tool includes: File formats optimized for download speed. Built-in media creation options for USBs and DVDs. Optional conversion to ISO file format. .NET Core 1.1 downloads for Linux, macOS, and Windows.NET is a free, cross-platform, open-source developer platform for building many different types of applications.

Desktop Management


DefProf updates the Default Windows User Profile with the documents and settings from another user profile that you specify. You can use DefProf on Windows 7 where the 'Copy To' button is greyed out in the 'User Profiles' dialog box. For more details click here.


Just copy DefProf onto your executable path, and type 'defprof'. You must have administrative privileges.


Usage: defprof profile_folder_name

Let’s say you use a ‘setup’ user account to create a user profile that you want everyone logging onto a machine to inherit. When you logon as setup, Windows creates a C:Userssetup profile folder. To make ‘setup’ the default profile, you just type defprof setup at a command prompt.

DefProf 1.10 adds support for Windows 10.
Download DefProf

Domain Migration


Profbat is the utility that is used with User Profile Wizard to automate the 'push' migration of computers listed in a file. For more information please see the 'Automating Push Migrations' section of the User Profile Wizard User Guide.
Download Profbat

Domain Migration

Windows 2000 Support

User Profile Wizard no longer supports the migration of Windows 2000 workstations. If you need to migrate a Windows 2000 machine, download this build of Profwiz.exe. Customers who need to automate the migration of Windows 2000 workstations should email [email protected]
Download Profwiz (Windows 2000 Compatible)


Download Real Windows 1.11


LogMon monitors log files in real time in a console window. LogMon was written for a customer who needed to watch the progress of an automated User Profile Wizard workstation migration. The download file includes an example script that includes LogMon in a standard User Profile Wizard 'Deployment Kit' generated vbscript. However, LogMon can be used to monitor any text based log file.


Just copy the LogMon.exe file onto your executable path, and type 'logmon'.


Usage: logmon logfile

Here logfile is the path to the log file you want to monitor. LogMon supports ANSI, Unicode (UTF-16 little endian) and UTF-8 encoded log files.



Yes! It's our very own version of the Windows shutdown utility.

If you run a migration script from a Group Policy, the default 'Deployment Kit' generated script will fail to reboot the machine. The reason is that the script is run in a security context that does not have the privileges needed. Customers who tried to run the Windows shutdown utility reported the same issue. To get around the problem we created our own version that explicitly acquires the necessary privileges. The download includes an example script.

Download Real Windows 1.11.2


Sample Migration Scripts

We have worked on a lot of migration scripts. Our aim is to collect the more useful - or unusual - examples and put them here. Please see the 'Readme' file in the download for more details.

Download Sample Scripts