Clash Of Lights Unlimited Troops Hack Download

Everything works 100% on Android and iOS devices – this Clash of Clans hack works on any device with android or ios system. Download the Clash of Clans Hack, cheat, tool, trainer working on Android, iPhone, iPad, iOS and add to your game account unlimited amount of free Gems, Coins, Elixir. Also you can add unlimited time of Shield. Click on it to start the download. When the download is completed, go to the file manager of the device. Now open the android folder and search for the Clash of Clans APK file. Click on it to open and then press the install button which is on bottom right. You are all set to have the best game in your device. Clash of Clans hack version mod apk Download: Hi Guys, today we are here to share a mod apk of Clash of clans. Here you will find COC hacks. This version is all about Clash of clans hack. Here I am gonna provide you a mod apk file of Clash of clans where you will have Unlimited Gems and Unlimited troops etc. Guys in this video we will tell you how to download Clash of Clan hack version in unlimited money and tr. Then a clash of light is the another best Clash of Clans mod server which is used by millions of gamers. As you know this is the best private server which gives you more capabilities to the Clash of Clans game. You will get unlimited resources in your game with this Clash of Lights apk. New troops and cards will also be there in Clash of Lights.

  1. Download Clash Of Clans Hack

Who does not know about the great game, The Clash of Clans? It is the biggest game ever which people love to play, but there is a twist here. Not everybody enjoys playing this game after a bit longer because it is always hard to collect the resources, unlock different rewards and other things. People get bored of this game when they remain unable to get all the troops and various supplies within a limited time being, so they quit playing it forever. So in order to provide freedom to the gamers, Clash of Clans Mod APK has introduced.This game is also called the Clash of Clans Magic because of a reason behind it. It contains four servers which help users get access to free and unlimited stuff. Gamers can even create their clans and play with their opponents in a friendly war environment. This game is available for iOS and Android users in which custom modification is also possible. This game becomes more amazing with the availability of a lot more servers to get locked resources for free. Let's have a look at the features of this incredible game.

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Clash Of Clan Mod APK: Playing games these days is very popular and every kid/teenager and even old people are gaming these days. There are so many popular mobile games like PUBG, Call Of Duty, Gta Vice City etc.

Just like these apps there is one more game known as Clash Of Clan. This app is so popular and having so many active users. This is actually a fun game and you can build an entire town of yours and can go for a war with other clans/towns. This activity is really fun and there is so many more things you can do.

You can build your army, can upgrade them. Create your troop stronger and build robust walls and buildings in your town etc. You can download Clash Of Clan APK from Google Play Store. But here we are sharing COC MOD APK.

What is Clash of Clans?

It is a free premium pay-to-win strategy building a mobile video game that is developed by Supercell owned by Tencent. Tencent is known to have released most of the top games that are being played today by people.

It is based on a fantasy theme where the player is the village’s chief and is expected to build the village and keep progressing and protect it from different clans that attack. You can even join forces, offer troops to others, and chat with others to save your territory.

This game is really good for the brain as you can learn how to analyze a situation and based on that you have to build a strategy so that you can have a strong defense as well as offense while ensuring you have made the most damage to the enemy.

You can earn trophies either by successfully attacking the village or by saving your territory from attackers. You win more trophies, the more ranks you can climb and the more skills you can unlock. You have to invest some time and money to train the soldiers, upgrade your village’s defense system, and formulate a strategy for both offense and defense. There are 2 main modes.

The first is the “Build phase” this phase includes building your village by upgrading your resources like gold coins and elixir, which are the main currencies used in the game. As the village becomes more and more advanced, you gain the privilege of building new buildings, and you can also find new tools for building your strategies.

You are supposed to save up your resources to use them in further development when you are reorganizing or when you need new tools. Defending your village is also part of the village you can. You should set up the defenses, and then you can be on the safe side when they attack. You also have to shield your village from enemies, which gives you more time to rethink and reformulate your strategy.

In the action mode, there are 2 modes in this single and online mode. If you choose a single-mode, you will be put up against the strong opponents to learn more about the game and the new strategies that can be used. It is more difficult to win and get the elixir as you progress from one base to another. Attacking another village is the most fun and interesting part of the game.

You have to place your soldiers in appropriate places strategically, but be careful after you place them, you can’t control them, you aim to destroy as much as you can, that will help in earning more trophies.

Something more about the game:

Clans are formed when some players join together and support each other in wars. You can donate groups and ask for help from the clans that you are a part of. You can form clan castles and fight together in the clan wars. These clans always fight together to donate an opponent.

Clan Wars are wars where two clans fight each other. It has a time period of 2 days; the first day is the preparation day to formulate strategies, discuss the plan, and prepare for the war. The next day is the attack day, where you have to destroy the enemy bases as much as you can, and you gain more stars. In the end, whichever team has the most number of stars wins the wars.

The Builder Base mode, in this mode, the players are supposed to travel to an island where they build the village, strategize their defenses, and attack and reorganize your forces. The two players can attack each other, the players who cause the most destruction wins the game.

There are two types of barracks; these are used to create the troops. There are two types of barracks: barracks and the dark Barack, the dark troops use the dark elixir to build dark troops, and the winning of the teams depends on the troops used. Two types of factories formulate normal elixir, and other formulates dark elixir.

Lucky charms to look out for:

The players can spend more gems to speed up time inside the game. If the clock tower and gem mine are introduced, there can be more progress and faster. The clans can work together, complete tasks, and earn points and tools they can use later in the clan wars. After 5000 trophies, you will not be paired up with a player. You will have to opt-in where they can enter the League.

Features of the Clash Of Clans:

  1. You can build forts and keep reorganizing and adding new tools and progress it the way you want and shield it as you want.
  2. You can build a huge variety of players from around the world and destroy their empire to gain as many trophies as you can.
  3. Join together with many players to form a huge clan and help them and earn points to gain trophies and tools that can be used in the next clan wars.
  4. Have amazing Clan wars and increase the clan points.
  5. Discover your strongest strategies, favorite troops, spells, factories, and more amazing tools to attack your favorite base.

What are the features of the Mod APK?

The Mod APK version is another version for the Clash of Clans APK. It has more advanced features that can help you progress in the game and earn more and more points, gold coins, elixir, and many new tools and heroes.

Many new features are available in the Mod version like the Townhall 13 is available in the latest version. The headhunter new trophies are unlocked, empowering your troops for attack and defense and clan wars. The builder hall is unlocked available with O.T.T.O., and you can even build your tools.

Some new heroes are unlocked, like the “The Royal Champion.” G.I.G.A. Inferno is also available in this version. This can be used as well as updated. More bases are available to attack and more clan games, friendly chats, and new tasks for clans available, new levels of troops, heroes, and new events available. New levels of troops, events, buildings, and new levels were available.

Difference between Mod APK and Original APK?

There isn’t much difference between the original and Mod APK in terms of gameplay. Still, the MoD APK provides you with many unlimited resources like the gold coins, the heroes, the elixir, buildings, and many others, and you cannot have your original clan. You cannot access any of the merits of the original games.

Download Clash Of Clans Hack

How to download?

APP NameClash Of Clan
Size123.93 MB
Android RequiredAndroid 4.1 & Above
Last Updated07 May 2021
  • Download the APK from here; for an android device, click to open the downloaded file.
  • Before starting the download you need to allow some of the permissions for that you need to go to the setting of your android device.
  • Go to the security, and find the “install unknown apps” under the security tab.
  • Under the “install unknown apps,” you have to allow permission for the browser that you will be using to download the APK.
  • After allowing the permission, go to the browser where the APK link is present and click on the download button that will start the downloading of the APK.
  • Find the downloaded file in the “downloads” option of your app.
  • After you find it, tap on the downloaded file to install it.
  • Allow all the permissions which are needed for the installation process.
  • Now you can start the game and enjoy the clashes with your clans.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Clash Of Clans MOD APK?

Clash of clan mod apk is the modified version of the original Clash Of Clan Android App. In this mod apk version you will get unlimited coins and diamonds.

  • Is COC Mod APK Safe?

Yes, this app is completely safe to use and so many users are already using COC MOD APK in their mobile phones from a long time without any problem.

  • Can We Download Clash Of Clans For PC?

Practically it is a smartphone application, but if you really want to play clash of clan on computer then you need to download an android emulator like bluestacks. Then you can start enjoying COC game on PC also.

  • How to get clash of clans hack 99999999?
Clash Of Lights Unlimited Troops Hack Download

Download COC from Apksage and you will get unlimited coins and diamonds in the mod version of clash of clan game.


COC Mod APK is the most used and exciting APK , and it is used by the players either for fast progress and unlimited resources and getting many free points. This is widely used and is also very easy to use apk, and many of the players use it to practice the strategies that they can then use in the real game to earn more progress. You can play on advanced levels using the Mod APK version and use newer and newer tools; you can play clan events at higher levels and win more clan wars to gain more points.